How Do You Learn Best?

How do you learn best? Here’s what you said!

This year when you registered for the Student Voice Forum we asked you how you feel you learn the best. We asked you what engages you in your learning. Here is what you told us….

Name (First) Grade How do you learn best? What engages you?
Zeineb 7 I learn best through teacher lectures that engage students through experiments and hands on activities to demonstrate the lesson plan. It is hard to forget something that you have tried rather than the teacher talking for a long periods of time. When teachers tell you how the things you are learning benefit you in the future it also makes learning fun because I understand why I am learning these things rather than just for marks.
Ben 7 I learn best in a collaborative, high tech, but also old fashioned classroom. The things that engage me include science experiments, writing speeches or stories, and another thing that engages me is public speaking. I like it when my teacher gives us open ended projects that we can be creative. School is very important to me, and I strive for success every day.
Stephanie 9 I work best when people are not talking to me and im by my self unless i need help. The creative way then get you to remember stuff like in Matt class she used and air plane and would say if you do it on obey side you need to do it to the other side or the plane will crash because its not even. The positively and that’s only some of the stuff that engages me and how i learn.
Stephanie 9 I work best when people are not talking to me and im by my self unless i need help. The creative way then get you to remember stuff like in Matt class she used and air plane and would say if you do it on obey side you need to do it to the other side or the plane will crash because its not even. The positively and that’s only some of the stuff that engages me and how i learn.
Quinlan 8 I learn best when I can hear what is being taught to me. Things that are engaging to me are sciences and experiments. I also like to create write.
Katie 9 I learn best when there’s an explanation with many different examples are used, and following the explanation, there are practice activities to do. Activities that include creativity are the ones I find most engaging, and are the most memorable ones to do.
Joe 8 I learn best when I’m given pictures, highlighted notes, keywords. I’m a visual learner so I like to learn visually . I can’t learn at my best when the teacher keeps on talking and talking.
What engages me is when I’m in English class and my teacher says that we can do creative writing because I love to write.
Lucas 12 Diagrams, images, visuals.
John 12 Hands On!
Mike 12 Hands on!
Michael N/A casual class setting
Javonn 12 I like to have fun in class rather than just sit and listen to someone talk at me. I learn best when there are very few people and it is quiet. I can’t concentrate when there is too much noise and stuff going on around me. I sometimes like to have an ea or a teacher to help me. Sometimes it helps them to motivate me. I learn best by either hands on or visually..
Emily 12 What engages me is when teachers challenge me, and bring up application for what we have learned into more complex activities, like math puzzles or contests, which are much more interesting than just doing questions. I also find discussion to be very good for learning.
Gillian 11 Interesting presentations that are more than just talking. Visuals also help me to learn and especially to keep me engaged.
Austin 10 kinesthetic learning. hands on work. visualizing through art
David 11 I like it when it is mostly quiet. Class size doesn’t matter or who is in it. If the teacher is nice and kind that will help. I like to write things. I like someone to tell and show me how to do the work that I need to learn. I’m engaged when I am doing something that I like. Example: I liked coop because I worked in a classroom and I really enjoy working with kids. I learn best when I see things visually.
Anna 8 I learn best when im presenting something or when im givin a task to write.
Lorne 8 I learn best with presentations, and just simply writing the information down.
Chinar` 11 I am engaged by having a teacher with a good personality. They have to be fun and happy.
I learn best most of the time if the class is quiet. I like to have the option to have and EA help if I need it. I learn best when someone explains things to me instead of just giving me a book to read. I like to by myself rather than in big groups. I do not like to speak in front of people or in front of the class..
Ashly 7 I learn best when I can see the presentation visually and I take notes.
Charlise 7 I learn best when we have class discussions and I also like to write down my thoughts and take notes.
Shane 7 I learn best when I’m doing something hands on. I also learn better in a quiet environment. There can be people around but I learn better in a quieter surrounding. I like to have breaks in between long writing assignments. If a teacher is giving a lesson than examples are helpful.
Megan 10 I learn best by having a quiet environment to work in. I often find myself doing my best work when I am at home. I also find it very helpful when i see an example of work i have to complete and working off of that,
sam 10 i learn best by being in a positive environment with assignments and opportunities that are not too stressful. i also learn best with pictures and written notes with due dates that are not too close. i usually become engaged to engage in school activites by motivation.
Adam N/A Looking forward to the event. Our students are very excited to learn!
Jacob 12 One on one is pretty good with me. :p
Rebecca 11 Graphic person I like to be shown what to do before I try something new.
Juan 12 I believe good communication between a teacher and a student is vital to learning. I enjoy being able to ask my teachers for help or clarification on something and know that they will help me until I understand it well enough to do it on my own.
Raasty 11 A teacher that puts the effort in to make the material easier, recognizes that there are students and not numbers in the classroom.
Nakia 10 I’m very oral learner I like talking and switching ideas. Reading and writing something down I’m lost with. having a conversation is the best learning tool for me.
Hamzah M. 8 I learn best from the visual area. I understand the concept when I have a textbook in front of me or a video on screen rather than a teacher talking without using the board. I find this way more effective because I am able to understand the writing rather than the teacher’s voice. This way my brain can picture the topic without being overwhelmed by the teacher speaking to fast or to slow. I feel visual learning is better because if the teacher is talking the whole time it is boring, but rather watching a video and looking at pictures and examples are much more interesting. My way of learning is picturing the topic in my head and be able to read rather than a teacher talking all the time.
– Hamzah M. Smadi
Jamie N/A Visual, Technology
Shawns 8 I learn best by working and learning with my friends and teachers, and always asking questions if i don’t understand something. something at engages me is mostly working on something that i don’t understand and being able too learn more about things that i don’t quite get and learning these new things i can find out alot more about myself.
Jessie 7 I learn best by watching demonstrations.
Jacob 7 What people tell me to do i can learn and adapt easily
Jacob 7 What people tell me to do i can learn and adapt easily
Katherine N/A Collaborative community learning — use of technology, discussion based lessons with immediate feedback — higher order thinking with re: to humanities and social science based subjects –inclusion of “mathematical” ideas in non mathematical subjects i.e. music, art, psychology etc. The inclusion of math as part of all subjects and less division among high school subjects.
Kayla 11 I prefer to have a quiet classroom with a small number of students. I don’t like to have big lessons, I prefer to have the teacher hand me out the work and I will figure it out for myself. If I need help, I will ask. Anything that has to do with art will engage me. I like to be in a class with people that I know and that I get along with. I will do well if the teacher is nice and do fun things and do not hassle me because they are frusturated with other things.
Akehil 12 I like to be engaged through discussions, podcast, music & poetry! I learn best through hands-on experience and through listening and discussing about the subject with a person instead of being lectured at and told to write a crummy essay!
Samuel 8 I am a Visual, Tactile and an Auditory learner. Sometimes I learn best when I see things with my own eyes and when my teacher shows us an example. I also learn best when I physically do things. I learn best when I type out my own notes, solve problems using real life objects and think about the problem while I exercise. I also learn best when I listen to the teacher when they give me instructions. Sometimes, I won’t understand what they are saying so I ask them to repeat what they said or explain it. I work very well independently and I don’t really like group work and I focus and learn well while I listen to music. I think my teachers engage me in my learning. I engage and participate more in my learning if I like my teachers and if they are helpful or not. Also, At Ryerson, the teachers are great, except for some substitute teachers. If I have questions to ask, they give me good answers and their way of teaching is interesting and fun and it makes me want to engage and participate more.
Nadia 12 I learn best through discussions. This is true of most subjects, including the sciences, the exemptions being physics and mathematics. These subjects I lean best by seeing, when I am able to connect a physics problem with a real life issue i can understand it better. Math is the same but if a real life method is not possible visually seeing a solution or seeing the graph of an equation helps me not understand it better. What engages me the most is when a teacher is very knowledgeable and passionate about their subject and are always bring up relevant but entertaining stories or experiences. It also helps to understand the consequences of what I am learning, such as in Business class, know what damage/good the WTO does will make more interested. As do debates. I believe most areas of academic study are not set in stone or black and white, and I enjoy when they taught that way, for it is honest and based in debate, making it far more acceptable to me.
Amelia 7 I learn best when I am shown it example when i watch a video about how to cooking rice I will be able to cook it after watching it be done.But i can also read or listen and still learn it.
warisha 7 i learn the best by reading the instructions or having a pagers with the instructions handed to me. i like doing work independingly because i get more ideas though i like getting other peoples imputs on it. i usuallu like reading books and learning new things from those.
Lakshmi 12 Listening
Fatemah 12 Listening , Visuals
Maria 12 reading
Chanelle 10 I like to be able to have my headphones on and listen to music when I am working. I really need to have an EA help me. I like to see things visually and also to do things hands on to help me to learn. Other than my music, I like things to be quiet and calm. I sometimes need to have the work taught to me a couple of times and repeated.
Destiny 9 I get engaged by rewards and incentives. I learn best by seeing things (visual). I like it when there are less people in the class. I like to be around people that I know. I like seeing things that are bright and colourful. Like colourful paper.
Tiffany 9 I am engaged when I am actually doing something and not just sitting there. I learn best hands on. When I have my music I can learn and concentrate. I like it when there are other students that I know in my class.
Tiffany 9 I am engaged when I am actually doing something and not just sitting there. I learn best hands on. When I have my music I can learn and concentrate. I like it when there are other students that I know in my class.
V ictoria-Rose 7 I am a tactile learner. Things that engage me are science, field trips and guest speakers(depending on what they are speaking about example Robin McKee is really cool to listen to).
Teamwork is really good because if you don’t get it, one of he other student your working with, maybe able to explain it better. Teamwork also helps with sharing ideas.
Alex 7 I learn best hands on, and work well in large, and small groups of people. I learn better in environments with some struggling peers. When they need help, I myself proceed deeper into the concept of our subject while exploring the term with them. I’m driven to do my best by a condition I have. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I wanted to give up on everything, but I knew I couldn’t. Now this disease has lead me to the role of an ambassador of a fundraising organization specified to diabetes. This inspired me to never give up, and push everything to the limits; including my knowledge. This small spark ignited the flames of my determination and passion to trail on, no matter what life throws at me. When life tosses a test, I repetitively go over flash cards, make songs, and whatever I think can help me have fun when I study. This overall is a summary of who I am, and my work habits.
Rachel 8 I am very visual learner. I like so see things in my hands and I know a lot of my other classmates do to. I like to see the actual thing. I personally like to work alone and discover my own talents and ways of doing things. I learn best by watching it be done and repeating the act over and over while explaining in my own way, how to do it. Hope that helps.
Merishka 8 Personally, I dislike reading and sometimes writing. I enjoy being someone else and acting out a character. Just becuase sometimes being you is boring and not good enough. To be exact, drama and acting really engages me. In French class we would do skits based on the unit. For example, we were learning rocks/minerals and our teacher had us act out like we were kids in an underground cave and there was a teacher teaching us. It was a lot of fun to act out as someone else and learning the lines and getting to show my creativity through outfits and making up lines. Earlier in the year we also got to act out a crime scene at a dinner table, someone was dead and someone was a suspect an someone was a victim. I got to learn a whole bunch of new french words and I got to act out as a french murderer. It was loads of fun and I didn’t even realize it but I learned loads of new information. This is how drama and becoming someone I’m not helps me learn.
Robert 7 – when doing something fun while learning
– doing something that is something I like
– I like being active so I think it would be best
– I learn best about athletics
– if I had a fun teacher
Devin 8 – can’t get a piece a paper and learn from that
– need face to face, touching it (iPads)
– science – good at because its always hands on and not really boring, “here’s a piece of paper … learn”
Haley 12 I learn best through the use of many mediums such as visual aids, videos and hands on learning. Going through the steps of a lab, seeing a math equation worked out, or watching an art teacher use a technique in front of me solidifies my understanding; With these aids I can refer back to when I had seen it before and follow suit, and from there branch off and extend my comprehension, applying it to new ideas. On top of this, explaining a concept to a peer always helps me learn. If I can not clarify something for them, that means I need to go back and review it myself. But if I can explain it to them, some of the more complicated ideas can become clearer. Lastly, if a topic is applicable to real life or interesting to myself, personally, I always seem to learn it better. I feel like this is true for many students; that level of becoming engaged in something you know will stay with you for a long time is very beneficial. For example, as someone hoping to go into Psychology as a major, I was very engaged in my Intro to Sociology, Psychology and Anthropology course. Every lesson I felt I was learning something that I knew I would have to call upon later in my life. This kept me focused and interested in the course, and helped me achieve an understanding I could be proud of.
Ana 7 I learn best when I see it happen. When I see it, it helps me understand it, and examples can help me learn it and become better at it. When the teachers assign group work or projects, it engages me because I can share my ideas, have more opinions, and it is much more interactive. One of my favourite times was when we did a class math game because I could learn with the entire class, and get to listen to everyone. Also, I always enjoyed doing literacy activities, and all interactive work that would make me a stronger student.
Rachael N/A I learn best when something is modeled, and then guided. I am then able to independently complete a task. I also learn best in a comfortable and safe atmosphere where discussion is encouraged.
Bethany 8 I am a visual Tactical learner. I like when i get to do things hands on but it needs to be explained to me before I am expected to do it. I like using technology for my learning. I am not a big fan of writing huge papers by hand. Sometimes it is easier to write it on paper though.
Samantha 10 Open minded conversation
Montanna 8 I find I learn best when the teacher gets involved with the students and has discussions. Rather than handing out a package or worksheet. I am an auditory learner so hearing about the lesson works best for me. I learn best my listening and speaking. Although hands on learning is more engaging with most students as well as myself. It makes lessons more interesting and more memorable. Making it easier to remember what we have learned. Oral presentations are defenitly not my thing. So I mostly learn best my listening to our teacher and doing hands on work!
Noora 10 I learn best in a place where I am comfortable with my surroundings. I find it easier to understand certain concepts when I am shown a visual example. I also enjoy being taught in new and interesting ways.
Aiden 7 I learn best with one-on-one support with the teacher. I learn best by hearing the information rather than writing it all down and trying to remember it.Math, History, and Language engage me. I like math when I understand it and it’s always good to start learning new strands. History because I like learning about what has happened in the past. Language because I like what we get to write about, like life events and situations.
Tony 8 I learn best by having the information or instructions read to me. I also like working in groups because you can work together, discuss, and learn from each other.I like science. I find that engaging because you can do experiments and labs.
Drew 8 Personally I learn best in class when we have interactive discussions.I also learn well when we do hands on tasks. I think that videos very effective because they make learning fun and when learning is fun I will remember it. It also helps when there are encouraging posters up around the room. I enjoy class a lot more when we have a teacher that is always joyful and loves to help. Something else that engages me to learn is when the teachers let us choose how we want to present something for example when teachers say that we can make a booklet, poster, or a video.
Maggie 8 I learn best when I am in a positive, encouraging and friendly environment. I learn best when I have a friendly, nice teacher who is constantly encouraging me to strive for my personal best and achieve my goals. I am most engaged in school when we are having fun while learning by doing group activities, watching videos or playing games. I do not learn well when we are just listening to the teacher and i do my best when i am engaged into a discussion where i can share my opinion.
Jacob N/A I learn best when i get to be involved whether it be in a group activity or by myself i like to get involved. i also like to have a demonstration of something. When the teacher enjoys getting us more involved i enjoy learning better than doing everything with no help.
Jared 8 I think that learn better if I am involved like in a demonstration or discussion. I know I learn like this because i am good in math because I like to be involved and when I play hockey I like to demonstrate the play or be involved in it in order to remember it. I tend to be engaged in complex problems that are confusing because I like the challenge.
Caitlin N/A engaging in a hands-on activity
Richelle N/A visuals, discussions
Yasminn 7 I learn best by having a class discussion related to what we are learning.Math is my favourite subject. I feel good about when I get the correct answers and my confidence increases.
Taylor 8 I learn best by visual and hands-on tasks.Music engages me because music is fun and you can dance to it, and it is puts me in a happy mood.
Sonia 8 I learn best by seeing or by being questioned on what we are being taught. For example, in class we have lesson movies. Like in freedom writers, it’s a real life story that at the end shows us how these people with all these different personalities come together to form an unlikely alliance. Also, if we have a write up we have to do in class about what we’ve learned than it helps me get my ideas down clear on paper. 😀
Emily 7 I learn best my seeing what has to be done and when it’s quit.
Hanna 7 I learn best when I write because I have always enjoyed writing… Also I learn fast when iT’s put into song because I have always remembered songs easily…. And the last is Que cards they always help me because then I always have the answer.
Autumn 11 I learn best by hearing others explain ideas to me and by teaching others about my opinion or facts. Wheat engages me most is that I need a teacher who enjoys what they are teaching and are fully knowledgeable about the topic. I also learn best when I am able to express myself through different outlets such as writing, drawing, talking or physically doing something.
Patrick 8 in class we worked on a project and videos helped me
Beth N/A As an adult learner watching best practice in action, engaging readings, learning teams are some of the ways that I feel are the best ways to keep up with the ever changing educaiton world.
Sandra N/A Since I am a teacher, I think you would prefer to here from the students in this section.
Lucas N/A An overall visual learner. Must see how it’s done before attempting to do it myself.Learning by doing/practicing to gain progress.
Hannah 8 I learn best by having a group discussion about the topic. I find it interesting to see other peoples views on a certain subject
Nicole 8 I, personally learn best when things are thoroughly explained to me. I ask a lot of questions until I understand. I prefer this much more than learning on my own or just reading the material. I also find it most entertaining and effective to work while listening to music. I find that listening to music while I work shuts out distractions or potential noisiness in the classroom. I get the most work done while listening to music, and I feel like I learn and work best while listening to it.
Ruth 8 I am a visual learner.
Naomi 7 I learn best when I’m organized and always on task. I like when the teacher is fun and doesn’t just teach out of a book.
Erika 8 I learn best when working independently but I also enjoy helping my class mates learn to their best ability, by helping them but not telling them the answers. Working independently makes it easy to focus and not be distracted so I usually get more work done when I work independently.I love writing and math because they are challenging subjects but I find them easy because they are interesting.
Omar 8 Hands-on work, enthusiastic teachers and using real-life examples (like experiments in science)
Sarah 8 I am a visual and hands-on learner!
Hanna 12 I learn best with hands on activities or especially by watching well-made informational videos.
I enjoy learning in an environment where my peers are respectful, welcoming and appreciative of the learning opportunity they’re receiving, and want to better themselves but also help others in the process. I learned I loved this kind of atmosphere when I went to leadership camps in the past and felt more motivated than ever to achieve a task or goal.
Christian 11 I’m a big fan of learning by asking questions. Being wrong is the best way to learn in my opinion. I enjoy being thrown out of my comfort zone to help progress my skills. Leadership is a passion for me and I look forward to this experience
Cora 7 Independently, Love challenges, enjoy talking about things and sharing ideas
Michael 9 I learn best when I’m being taught something that interests me
claire 7 I like math problems in groups. I also enjoy math projects. 🙂
Brianna 12 hands on learning.
Sabrina 9 I learn best by engaging in activities , and listening to the teacher or personnel on how they explain it.
Evan 12 I learn best when instructors have a steady logical flow to their lectures that is interesting and engaging. I dislike most hands on activities and I like to develop my own opinion on issues and further develop my own distinct way of solving problems.
Abrar 8 I love working in small groups of 3 people. I like to work in quiet environments. I like working in small groups because if I don’t understand something, I can ask one of my group members for help. Learning new things makes me interested in learning more about them.
Lilly 11 -food
-different opinions
Sonya 8 i learn best when i work in a small group with acsses to the teacher or technology. i get engagded in work by having a little bit of excitement in the subject the vibes that are given off get me excited to learn, unless of course the subject is truely not enjoyable.
Naomi 7 What engages my is when the teachers are fun and explain with detail or if they show it . i find it easier to understand what im learning specifically if i am learning something knew . How ever i know some class mates that are shy to answer question because there scarred if the do get it wrong. I would like to suggest a idea where those students may answer after class. So the to get a understatement of the learning experience from there i think they would feel more comfortable answering question in class. If the dont i would say that the teachers put that students with a group of people the comfortable with so they can answer questions to.
Fletcher 8 i think it is most engaging when a teacher lets you choose the topic so then i can pick something that i love to talk about, and have at least a little background knowledge, instead of having to do tons of research on a topic that doesn’t interest me and will probably forget within a week.
omar 7 i write things and read things to learn and interesting facts engage me and when things are not right then i try to engage to fix it
Amber 8 I learn best by being given a lesson on the board. I like having one person explain and then go and do the work. while someone is explaining the lesson, it is always nice to have the lesson being related to other things that you might understand better or things that will make it fun, like joking around with it. I have always liked math and always paid attention, where as other subjects are a little boring. I think it is important to always grab the student attention and make the lesson interesting and fun. A fun way we learned about parliament was going to the actually parliament buildings in Ottawa
Joshua 8 I learn best through trial and self structured learning styles. When I understand how something works then I can put the information into practice. I find that math engages me. I enjoy trying to figure out different problems and finding a correct solution.
Macayla 7 i learn best when teachers show you how to do something and then let me go off on my own and do it myself i just need the teacher to show me what we are doing and i will do it. I also like working in small groups of 2 or 3 or by myself so we can have different ideas but not to much people.. It engages me when i understand what we are doing and i now what to do and i get to do it in partners or groups so we can have all different ideas for what ever we are doing.
Adam 8 What engages me to learn the most, is discovering new facts and ideas, upon learning. I like working with groups of people, because I like to share my ideas with my classmates. i like working when the room is quiet and I can focus on my work. I like to do descriptive writing in all of my work. I enjoy learning when the teacher gives me a visual idea of what I am learning.
Jennifer N/A Peer Collaboration and hands on learning.
Victoria 11 I learn best with hands on and interactive lessons and demonstrations. I like in class work in groups and on the internet. I grasp concepts better when they are linked to how they apply in our world and where we would use them. Videos are helpful, and so are powerpoints.
Aydyn 7 I learn best when we do hand on experiments it helps me understand what we are doing better
Montana 7 I learn best when I have somebody talking to me or helping me understand.
Amrit 8 I believe that I am both an auditory and visual learner. I know this because I listen to the instructions that my teachers give to me so I can get an idea on how I’m going finish the material that I’m going to be assigned. I’m also a visual learner because when I’m listening to whatever is going on in class, I need the material in front of me so I can look at it ahead of time and think of the strategies that I’m going to use to solve it. The thing that engages me the most in learning is the fact that I always want to out do myself. If I get a B, I won’t feel like that is enough and I’ll try to do better. Not because I’m trying to impress someone or trying to show off, just because I know it’s the right thing to do and it’s something I love to do. The only times when I feel learning is highly enjoyable is when I either understand the material with ease or when I’m learning about something that I really enjoy to learn about such as astronomy.
Nikki 12 Notetaking, Videos, Movies, DiscussionsI love to engage in discussions to understand other views and opinions
Rahand 9 I tend to learn best with 1-on-1 teacher to student interaction. I find myself constantly asking questions in class and have even humorously been told by one of my teachers to stop. I also learn well through music and visuals. What engages me in class is a teacher with a strong “on-stage” presence. A teacher that can pull me into the lesson easily. The most well-spoken teachers in the past seem to be my favourites.
Alexander 11 I learn best in a classroom environment, with a teacher teaching and giving multiple examples that go around the lesson. The opportunity to ask questions and get an immediate response is ideal for me to fully comprehend what is being taught. I get engaged by asking questions because for me, unless something is blatantly obvious I have a hard time understanding. By asking questions I build on my educational foundation.
Sheza 9 I learn best visually. what engages me in my learning is working with peers. It helps me because i feel more comfortable talking to my peers and working with them
Sarah 10 what in gauges me the most is when I work hands.
I like to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to projects or assignments I like putting all my emotion into what I do weather its anger, sadness, happiness etc
I like having the chance to do something different then every one else. doing something different from everyone else and being given that creative ability to do so
vocals class was probably my most enjoyable because I was able to express myself know it I like, which is of course musically
Kazi 12 I learn best in an enthusiastic and fun environment. I enjoy learning when I can hear the thoughts of other students and voice my own. This allows me to find common ground and feel comfortable when expressing my feelings./ideas. On top of that, I enjoy being interactive in small groups. Hands-on activities helps better engage me because it gives me an opportunity to show my creative side.
Luke 10 By seeing – i learn best throught having someone run throught the concept before i do it . I fin d it also helps to have someone help me get my ideas from my head to the planning stage
Will 7 Getting involved in class discussions and using connections to what I know and learn. I like to ask lots of questions and use technology when I can.
Kyle 8 I like to use the computer and other technologies to research and communicate. I am more verbal and like to get involved.
Lorraine N/A n/a
Cole 7 I like to learn by listening, seeing and discussing ideas. I like playing video games and spending time with my friends.
Kerri 8 I learn best by participating and listening. If it’s a hands on activity, I’m sure that I’ll learn quicker.
Lexi 7 hands on learning, group work, projects
Upsdell 7 I learn best by discussing ideas with my peers. I like to participate in Show Choir and do activities in school which lets me help others.
Ayesha 8 I learn best when I can read, analyze, and discuss ideas. I like to inquire independently, and then discuss and collaborate with others. I enjoy writing, art, music and drama. I am engaged and excited when I can participate in extra-curricular learning activities, like drama, student council, and band.
Elizabeth 8 I love to learn through reading and research. Written words make me excited.
Dardan 8 I learn best by actively participating, discussing concepts and ideas with peers, performing and collaborating.Performing, and working as a team on the court, especially basketball) and on the stage engages me. I like to have material presented in many formats (see, hear, do).
Taylor 7 I learn best mostly by being able to communicate with others and being able to work as a group because I am able to listen to what others are saying and what they think about the topic. Also, I learn best when we can use technology to research and get more information so we get better learning skills and resources. That way I can learn more because of others understanding and thoughts. What engages me is when I am given a task or assignment and afterwards I am able to reflect on that to do more on the topic to engage more off of it.
Sami 8 I work best when I am shown how and then allowed to do and make mistakes to improve until I can do better.
Katie 7 I like visuals and when stuff is modeled for us. I like to get in there and ‘do’!
Quincy 7 I learn best with hands on activities, I like to be able to be engaged in what i am trying to learn.
One thing that engages me is presentations i much more enjoy presentatin then just reading or listening to someone speak
Noah 7 I like to take notes and memorize stuff. I guess that makes me a ‘traditional’ learner.
Akshay 8 I lean best when I have technology with me (ipad) and I get to meet new people. I get engaged when I see, meet and talk to new people.
Zeina 8 I learn best by being inspired to learn or wanting to learn something. Also, I feel like every step I take prepares me for my future therefore i will work to my best abilities .
Kushtrim 11 I’am a auditory learner so I best through speaking. I’m engaged by teachers asking questions through out their discussion and give good visual representations of what they’re talking about.
Cora 9 I learn better in hands on situations, where you can be creative. I enjoy English because you get a topic and you can write about your own ideas. I love writing.
Matteo 8 Physical activities – hands on
Kaitlyn 8 I learn best by doing experiments and other hands-on activities. I primarily enjoy doing group work and projects, although i will do independent work if needed. That’s what engages me. I love to work with my friends and my other classmates.
kadin 7 I learn best by using hands on work. This helps me not only focus better on the given work, but understand what i’m working. High level work engages because some of the work that is at my grade level isn’t challenging enough, to keep my interests flowing. Also work that allows you to express your opinion really intrigues me to get creative and also find out others’ opinions too. Math, it engages me to strive for success, but the thing that i really love about math is that there’s no problem that’s the same.
Drew 12 I am a visual learner. To learn most effectively, engagment via visual stimulation is my best bet . For example, I generally do not benefit from a bland powerpoint, as I will loose focus quite quickly. Also, interactive lessons help me to remember more of what the teacher taught, rather than lessons inwhich the teacher simply talks at me (the class).
Averi 8 I learn best by reading the material, and then possibly having a demonstration.
Carley 7 I learn best by listening to the teacher talk in class. When people talk or lecture me i am able to get the message and remember large portions of the discussion!
i am very engaged in creative projects, or creative writing. Also, challenging work, such as advanced math is very enjoyable for me. I also like being active. Music and acting are very appealing to me. I thoroughly enjoy reading.
Speaking my opinion is a very important thing to me. I am very strong willed and i like talking in front of crowds.
Anything to do with talking really!
I am really excited about voicing my opinion about the issues of hwdsb.
I’m devoted to change for the better!
Nikola 8 I learn best by getting verbal feedback. I also work better with others, by getting feedback and different opinions. i am strong at reading because I use past knowledge.
rebecca 8 i learn best sight and getting it explained a couple of times. i also like when teacher make jokes every now and then.
Aleksandra 8 I learn best by getting verbal feedback on my questions. I can also do very well when i am working with other people to get different ideas and opinions. I am also very strong with independently reading and using my own past knowledge.
Paige 8 I learn best when I am working hands on.
I enjoy learning about new things , and working with others.
Alton 8 I learn best by doing the stuff but my work on my own but I like to work in a group at times.
Alexis 8 I learn best by watching, and doing it myself.
Marissa N/A I need to havea multi-sensory approach to learning. I also need time to explore and test out my theories in order to prove my thinking. I enjoy using technology but not sure I take full advantage of all of the possibilities that I could with this learning tool for my students.
Jasmin 7 Group work
Guntash 7 More hands on activities.
Warren N/A .
Sara 8 I learn best when there are educational videos for me to watch, or when there are textbooks that have interesting comics. I am a visual learner, so I learn best by seeing or reading things. When the lesson is entertaining, I am more interested, and don’t doze off. I also learn well when there are notes to copy off. It helps me learn better.
Adil 8 I learn best by having a teacher teach me the lesson up on the black board or smart board then showing me for example math, the formulas for finding the area of a triangle.
Carter 7 I learn best by using hands on things and listening to a teacher speak but not for a whole period because i find it gets boring and i most of the time don’t process all of what they are saying in the whole period unless I take notes.
Irene 7 I learn best by having a teacher, helper, friend or family explaining word by word on what I have to do. It allows me to ask questions that I need to ask instead a a booklet that only briefly explains the concept , in a confusing way. Also sometimes i like to do fun hands on experiments. Its shows me what i’m doing wrong and how I can fix it. I also like to have group work with my friends, it shows me the different way of thinking that i have not thought of before.
Kaelin 7 i learn best by reading paragraphs and watching the teacher teach the lesson on the smart board. incorporating art also interests me more.
Janine N/A art, writing, visual, doing task
Carter 7 groups, arts, listening
Makenna 8 music memorization, group discussions
Jared 8 Music, arts,independent
Tarig 7 in groups, with prisintation, fun activeitys not boring,
Michelle N/A I am engaged by discussion. I do not do very well when there is a lot of background noise that I have to talk over.
I enjoy time to read and reflect on what has been shared or what is going to be used to generate discussion/ideas.
I enjoy hearing the experiences of others and hearing about success stories.
Westley 12 I benefit from strong peer to peer communication prior to independent work. I also benefit from embracing the three learning styles in or out of school. I am primarily a visual learner, but can benefit from any of the learning styles.
Mary N/A I personally learn the best through activities in the classroom as opposed through your regular work sheet. I find I understand the the work better.
Curtis 12 I learn best when I am doing something physical, not just listening to someone talk. I like a friendly environment with peer to peer interaction. Lots of technology.
Marissa 7 I’m more of a visual/listening learner. When I get a handout I can do it but its always a little more complicated than just listening to the lesson. What enagages me in my learning is when they make the topic a little more interesting. For example, putting in something our generation is interested in. Thats what helps me learn!
Decoda 7 by having hands on activities to do while learning
tactile & auditory
via career cruising
Tatiana 8 I am a tactile learner and also a learner by listening to the materiel.
cameron 8 when I am in game and I am having fun or being told verbally
Colin 11 I am a hands on learner, the traditional classroom setting does not work well for me. I like to use a lot of technology, audio visual etc. I find sitting in a classroom boring.
Robert 10 I learn best in one-on-one sessions. I love working with technology
Ryan 10 I like working in groups so that I get feedback on my work and can give feedback to others
Sarah 11 I am a visual learner, I need to see things written down, graphics etc. I learn best in small groups.
Evan 7 I learn best by reading different articles about the topic and/or seeing presentations about what we are learning. Also, I learn best by doing myself, and experimenting about the topic.
Madison 7 I learn best by doing activities in groups. I also learn best by researching things myself to learn about things.
Tristan 7 By listening to the teacher then doing it on your on
mackenzie 8 i learn best when i read about things.
Jameel 8 I learn best with hands on activities.
Alex 8 I use q-cards
Brooke 7 Visual
Tristan 7 By hearing then working on it alone
Ikram 8 learn ing new things , wroking hard , making a group , learning from others
Trevor 8 Demonstrations/ hand on
Bill 8 I learn best by doing. I am a visual learner. I like to work in groups.
Nick 9 I learn best by seeing an example or sample of the work. Getting the instructions shown and explained to me, and then following through with the task. I find that working in a calm environment with the music of my choice playing is where I am learning to my full potential, with a comfortable seat, and a lot of time to work.
James 12 As a student that was failing classes and not showing up to school, I’ve realized that getting more engaged in Sir John A. Macdonald’s activities really helped me better myself. I feel that hands on activity and having good teachers to help motivate and push me that extra step to get me through courses really helps me learn best.I feel that one of the best opportunities that fit my needs and pushed me further is the circle program that Sir John A. Macdonald has after school on Wednesdays. I’m able to share what’s troubling me in school and have others give me good advice to push by, making learning a little more fun for me.
Hang 11 I learn the best by taking notes in my own way during and after the class time. I usually have two different notebooks for one course. And what i do is that i write down everything teacher says in point form on the small note. And after class i usually copy down all the handouts teacher gave that class and put my point form beside it. And i make little booklets with all the unit reviews and tests and sometimes quiz and assignments right before the exam to help me with the reviewing.
Mahima 7 Learning is fun for me by listening to the teacher, learning
from my classmates. Learning to do things by watching other people, asking the teacher for help when’s needed. I learn best from pictures, graphs, and charts. I enjoy working hands on. I learn best by copy what’s on the board, listen what others have to say. Before a test write down notes to study on. Work on a project of what we learned out of the unit. I prefere hands on assignment then listening verbally.
Matthew 11 I have 3 ways that I learn the best. First, I like to read a textbook but i must have music in to give me something to block out background noise with, I can block out music but not chattering. Secondly, i like to be instructed of what to do such as when a teacher gives lectures. Then i take notes so that it will stick in my head. Not copying down notes because half of the time i don’t pay attention. This gives me a reason to listen. Lastly i like to do problems so i can fully understand how to do things and how things work such as math. I can do the equations and solve the problems and get a better understanding
Smama 7 In my opinion, I learn best when I actually watch the teacher do the lesson and listen to him talk while visualizing. Then I actually like to try the lesson just thought so I know that I have learned how to do the math, english ect. correctly.I remember when we were starting something new in language. We partnered up with one of our friends and created a poem. I learned lots of new ideas from my partner(s) which causes you to learn more ideas.
Leslie N/A Synthesis through writing, webs, brainstorming or discussing.
Sally 7 With worksheets or a class discusion. It is easiest to learn when people around you are quiet and focused.
Jack 12 I learn best when the teacher or speaker gives interesting comparisons, real-life examples, and/or shows videos pertaining to the subject matter. Interactive learning is also very beneficial to my learning style.
Robin 10 I learn best in interactive environments where everyone feels comfortable giving their own opinion and saying their thoughts without judgment
Lois 12 I learn best in a positive environment where the people around me are as passionate about a subject as I am. I love working in groups, as well as being engaged in group discussions to get ideas and thoughts across. Lastly, I am a visual learner, so when teachers bring out charts, colour coded diagrams, etc…it provides that much more interest for me to learn.
Melissa 10 I learn best when the teacher allows us to participate in the lesson and gets people interested by doing the lesson in a fun yet helpful way that is intriguing to watch and listen too. Also, hands on activities are helpful cause they allow you to physically do something, which helps me learn better since I am actually participating in the lesson.
Liza 8 It does not matter to me if I work alone or in groups. As long as I am on track and not distracted I can do the task. I prefer to listen and see what the teacher is doing because it helps me remember information better. I also like to read information but if I don’t understand it I usually ask some one. I like to work on different types of technology or by writing by hand. I can not constraint on my work if there is music playing or if some one is talking to me. I like to learn information that is interesting . That is how I learn best
Calvin 7 I am both a visual learner and hands on learner. I learn best when I watch something being done. Not only do I like to just watch and listen the the teacher talking about a lesson, When I learn by listening it is usually for either math or history. I also learn best when I do hands on activities. When I learn hands on it is mostly for projects and experiments. One of my favorite hands on experiments is the time when a friend and I had to make a stable structure, and put objects on top of the structure. This is how I learn and I am proud of it!
Ben N/A I learn best by doing. If someone tells me how to do something or even shows me, I need to do it myself to be confident I know how to do it. I prefer to get up and move around once in a while when I am learning as well. I find that activities that get me up will keep me from getting bored. Finally, I like working in groups because I like learning how other people think and I like being a part of a team. The most recent learning experience I had that I found enjoyable was a full day phys. ed. in-service where the teachers got to try out the activity ideas that we could bring back to our students. I liked that we were up and moving around because I really enjoy physical activity. Plus they were fun team games!
Brent N/A I learn in a variety of different ways stemming from Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. Very excited to hear from our students!
Ashley 12 I learn best when I am in a creative and positive environment. I learn and focus my best when I am interesting in the subject/ topic and have people around who are also focused and interested who I can brainstorm with and who can contribute ideas and criticism to my work. In order to learn my best I need enthusiasm, I do not learn very well if I am bored.
Carmelina 10 I am a visual learner so I learn best when there are diagrams or pictures of some sort. Smart Boards are a good example because I see exactly what the teacher is explaining when they’re explaining it. I like it when instructions on a worksheet are clear and simplified because it prevents confusion later on. I don’t well if I’m just told instructions unless I can visualize what’s going on in my head. An example can be directions to a certain place. If I’m familiar with the main streets I can get a picture or idea of where I’m going. If not then I’m better off using Google maps and printing a picture for myself instead. What engages me in learning is an inspiration of some sort to keep me going. For example, I might not like the current unit that I’m doing in class but I will do my work if I know that the next unit is interesting. Those are ways that I learn best.
Vanessa 12 Collaboration
Shayla 7 I am a visual-tactile learner. I learn best by being capable to visually work, see or participate in diagnostics or activities. I work best either independently, in partners or in small groups. I find it a bit easier to learn if I do a project, experiment or if I research it on the internet. I also learn better if i get a further explanation of the topic so I get an exceptional understanding.
Siobhan 9 I learn best when teachers make the lessons interesting, when they explain things clearly and thoroughly and make it very clear what you are meant to do. I do not like assignments or homework where you have to use alot of creativity and create a story or a project right from scratch. I work well in a warm comfortable environment where teachers are willing to help you with anything and wont yell when you ask them a question. I believe me and most other students work better when they are not afraid of their teachers yelling at them. I do much better with assignmets with nit a long due date, because if i have a long time to do it, i will keep putting it off until right before it is due, and i work much better under pressure. I prefer many small assignments over just a few very large ones.
Rebecca 8 One of the things that helps me learn best is when the teacher ( or who ever is teaching us ) uses a visual aid. I find it a lot easier when i see what we are learning rather than hearing it be explained. i also think its easier to focus when something is explained to us in small groups, there are less students so less chance of me becoming distracted. Finally when we are doing individual work I think its a LOT easier to actually get my work done and focus when i’am listing to my music. ( i realized this on a event we had at school ) It was i pod day 🙂
Grace 8 I work best once given the requirements and given the materials to gain at least a passing grade. I feel like I only require minimal contact band feedback from the teacher to gain a top mark. My English teacher allows me to succeed in her class, using a choice board and allowing us to work in several different environment. The most fun I’ve when in a learning environment would have to be 7th grade, when I was working on my second TLCP. It involved creating an essay or photo essay or another medium of the same type. I choose to do an essay and was allowed to present it to the class. My teacher barely interfered with my work and I scored an A+. I’m a visual learner, I take notes, highlight, edit, proofread and work best when given freewill over my work.
Kushtrim 7 I learn best when I am trying something out, not looking at or listening. I like learning in groups because we get to converse more. I also like repeating things, but a different way every time.
Devon 8 i learn best when i’m in small groups also when doing hands on actives
Zachary 8 how I Zac Ing learn best is when I am able to engage with my work in an enjoyable way. for example I like to listen to a teacher or speaker and give a nice specific answer to a question and be able to interact with my hands and body actions and socializing with classmates. My connection would be when I was in grade 7 last year my teacher had a “choice board” for our TLCP so we where able to have the opportunity to choose your learning stratagem to be successful and that helps me cause from taking the IPP work shop lesson I am a tactile and also a auditory!
Ben 7 My name is Ben Garvie. I get engaged in learning when my teacher or fellow students are teaching a lesson or giving a lecture I learn the best. I remember in grade 6 when we were aloud to use ipod to help us learn social studies. I like when the classroom is quiet and I can hear every word the teacher says.
Alexis 9 I learn best by getting involved in lessons, becoming more hands on.
Nicole N/A I learn best through collaboration, discussion of ideas, and reflection.
Nikola 8 I Learn the best when my teacher or class mate explains me what to do. I Don’t know why but it helps me alot , i usely understand the teachers when they explain the subject to me nd not with a peace of paper. For me to learn the best is to like the subject if don’t like it i usely get an avrage mark. I also learn the best we work in groups , i like working in groups, for some people is hard to undersand what the teacher is trying to explain to them that’s why i learn more when i work with groups or when the teacher or class mate explains the subject to me.
Joshua 8 i learn best when i work indenpedetly. when i read a book or do work i need it very queit or i cant do any work i just sit there and think of what my teacher said for a few minutes i also learn best by asking my friends a lot questions so they can teach me new thing i also ask my theacher a lot of quetsions so i can have a better understanding of what im post to do so i wont get confused of what im post to do. I also learn best by when i get a sheet of paper i repeat the question in my head a couple times because sometimes i miss a couple words or im confused of what the question means
Bryan 7 i like to get verbal instructions before i do something.
claudia 7 verbal learner. i learn by listening and talking things through in order for my best learning.
Victor 10 I find I learn best when I can truly enjoy what I am learning while being very focused. such as hands on activities, using computers for research or learning instead of reading books. I find that it usually creates more personal enjoyment for not only me but for others as well.
Aleksandar 7 I am a visual-tactile learner which means that I learn the best with either hands on assignments or by watching videos or demonstrations. I am engaged to learn when teachers give electronic demonstrations to help me better understand the topic. When lectures are being presented I am not able to fully understand the concept of what is being presented, but am only able to memorize the information. In subjects such as math, I like to see what is going on to better understand it rather than just being told. One example is when I was being taught the zero principle and the teacher was using cards with negative a positive signs. I believe that when teaching, teachers should use a variety formats to present the information because of the contrasting learning styles.
Philip 10 I learn best by doing activities not at my desk and working in a group, and hearing other peoples ideas. One other way I learn best, is if I have to read a book I like to read it out loud to better understand it. I like a variety of assignments that I can choose different ways of presenting them.
Hannah 7 I learn best when things are demonstrated before me and when things are thoroughly explained to me. I learn best in quiet environments where I can concentrate properly and my attention isn’t constantly being diverted. I prefer lectures to seminars, as I can just sit and listen rather than doing hands-on work. I do not benefit much from group work because I am an introvert, which means that I am not easily stimulated by engaging in social situations. I like to work independantly because I am very self-sufficient and I do not like to have to rely on others.
Casey 11 Small groups. Talking to others.
Alison 9 I learn best by using hands on techniques like fooling around with materials. I like to use my hands with projects and get fully involved with the project. I like to have freedom when I do an assignment. I like visual examples and can come up with solutions in dance music or art.
Spencer 12 Group discussion to brainstorm and discuss ideas. Dialogue with others.
Nora 12 Small groups – talking to other people, listening to others, putting everyone’s ideas “out on the table” to discuss.
McKenzie 11 By talking with others in small groups about ideas.
Heather 10 By seeing things. I like to be able to share my ideas in small group discussions.
James 10 Small group discussions, hands-on, trying things for myself.
Justin 9 Orally – small group discussions, visual displays.
Hannah 9 Small-group discussions, sharing my ideas orally.
Brian N/A From the students – Student Voice.Discussions with students, parents, community members and colleagues regarding their experiences, insight and ideas to improve the programming for all our students.
Fiona 10 I find that I learn best when the instructions are broken down and when I am provided visuals. Hands on assignments where I can show my work and demonstrate my creativity. I would like to have the option of handing in projects from all subjects in whatever creative way I want.
Laura 7 I prefer someone to explain what it is that needs to be done, then just do it. For the most part I like to do my work by myself, but I do like to talk with my friends too. I usually only need to be told once, and if I don’t understand something it just needs to be explained again. Visuals aren’t a big part of how I learn. Something that might make learning more fun and interesting is if I was allowed to socialize a little bit with my friends while working, or if I could listen to music while doing small assignments.
Margot N/A I have long been a visual learner and learn best by working hands on. However I do believe a balance of information delivery is important. Creative problem solving is my strength, laterally thinking through situations, envisioning a solution. In my own practice I include multiple avenues in which to “answer” a performance task. I thrive in brain storming sessions and design charettes with collaborative outcomes .
Colic 8 I am an all round learner meaning I can learn in multiple ways: kinesthetic, visual and oral. In some conditions, such as a specific math unit, to understand I need to be a able to do the equation myself. I adapt to many athletic situations. I am a competitive dancer, swimmer and play basketball, soccer and volley ball at school. I love to express myself through art and music as well. What engages me to learn is when I get to create a project with guidelines but no limits allowing me to be creative and take a risk. With subjects I am least familiar with (such as history), I am more interested in because I get so excited to learn about everything that I don’t know yet. I enjoy spending time outside the class reading books such as encyclopedias and historical events that got me interested in school.
Madeline 11 I learn best when I can be hands on with problems or show what I know visually. I like to communicate through artistic and creative ways and prefer to express myself artistically in my work. I’d rather make a painting related to my work than write an essay. I have trouble writing how I feel or what I am thinking and prefer to show it rather than say it through art and creativity. I feel like I can understand things better when I am hands on with whatever it is I need to know. I can understand things better by taking things apart and putting them back together to see how they work. I reinvent and re-purpose things I am given to work with how I can learn, like using visuals and models rather than text.
Baille 10 I learn best when i have a one on one talk with my teacher independantly about the lesson and they break it down for me step by step. When they pull apart each piece of the lesson and better explain it to me in more detail.
Neomi 12 Usually I find that the best way I can learn varies depending on the subject being taught. When it comes to sciences I learn well by conducting labs, with specific explanations from the teachers as to how what I am observing in the lab relates to what we are learning in class. In English I learn best by doing the work, then reviewing it personally, and having it reviewed my peers and teachers. In mathematics I learn by repeating the types of problems and equations over and over, it is very helpful if I have a group of people working on similar problems to discuss my answers with and help me pin point my mistakes. Lastly in the art department I find that being given a short explanation of what I need to do followed by one or two examples, and then getting free range for the rest of the class to sketch and understand what I need to do is the best way I can learn. Overall I believe I am a visual, hands on learner, and that I do my best work in discussion groups.
Katie 12 I learn best mostly from hands on work and audio and visual communication. I also find that I can learn better from trial and error rather than someone just telling me how to do something.
Evelyn 11 I personally learn best when a set of instructions is given to me at the beginning of a project and I am left alone to figure out how best to complete the project myself. I thrive when the teacher does not try to interfere with my work mid way through, but does provide rigid due dates. I love to leave projects up to my own creative interpretation, I learn best independently and when I can experiment with materials.
Kristina N/A I learn best with a hands on experience. When we as students are able to get involved physically in a lesson, I feel that we are more likely to enjoy it, understand it and remember it,
Drew 8 Visuals and tactile (using my hands). Using technology to create projects. I like working in a group to explore concepts and questions. I like drama because you get up and do things with your friends.
Herbert 9 I learn best by interactivity, like games or activities to help me learn as much as i can about what i need to learn. I can learn just fine without these things, but i feel i do my best where kinetic-based teaching is involved. i also work best without distractions, because then i can finish what i need to as quickly as possible. i also like projects that involve learning of the topic, but not so controlled by the teacher as to not be fun. Iremember in Grade 8 when i had to do this french project that went for the whole year, but other than having to be in french, we could do almost whatever we wanted with the project. We could present it in a time capsule, a slide show, or even a scrapbook. It was one of my favourite final projects of the eighth grade.
Kayla 9 I belive I learn best with discussion. I feel like i understand things much more that way. I soak in more of what I learn If theres alot going on and people are particapating in the conversation. I also learn best with visulizations. I think its because i really like art, thats the only thing i can connect it to. i feel this way because i won the Russel Eden art award. i remember more if i can see what im being taught. it works best while reading, because reading a book is so much better when you can imagine whats going on in your head it helps you understand, also with math if theres just an eqaution or story, you have to imagine what is going on and how you’re going to solve it, and alot of the time picturing it helps.
Ardit 8 hands on and writing notes
Liam 8 I learn best when there’s a clearly understandable example and I’m working in a quiet workplace where I can focus only on the work.
Sarah 7 I learn best by working in a good environment and when my teacher sends me to another room to work by my self. I also work very well with other people for group projects.
diana 7 I learn best my teacher breaks it down for me. When I get confused he explains the work to me in a way I understand it.
Chase 12 I am a very good visual learner. Also, I enjoy being able to take my time on projects and work in a self-paced environment (which Westmount offers). I also enjoy hands- on activities such as labs in Science courses and using materials such as “blocks” to create answers. By seeing things visually, it allows me to process the context more efficiently.
Sukhvir 8 I learn best visually and by hearing. Also, I can learn by doing.
sumaya 8 I am a visual learner and I learn best if that is put together with someone teaching me. I am a very good listener as well.
Maansi 7 I learn best by watching and re-reading materials. I also like to be involved in things with my hands.
Mac 7 I am a visual learner and I also learn by doing things.
Tanya 10 I learn best in an environment where the teacher interacts with the student and gives helpful feedback. My teachers gives me feedback of which I can improve my current work. I learn best with class discussions and independent work. Working as a group or as a class allows me to take useful notes that I could not prepare myself. Overall, I think I learn the best when I am encouraged by the teacher in a learning environment.
Rylan 11 I learn best when I am shown by the teacher or instructor how a procedure is carried out. If I am doing a vocal exercise for the first time, and it’s completely new to me, I will need to know how to do it properly. In dance I need to be shown the steps a few times before I practice the steps with the accompaniment of my teacher, and then I will try to the steps by myself while I am watched to see if I am doing the dance combination correctly or not. Even in Chemistry or Math, if I am asked to solve a problem, I will definitely need to do many problems with the teacher together, and then have a note taken down so I can keep in mind what the procedure is to solve the problem. So, when I am doing questions by myself back at home, I can use the note to help me, until I am confident that I know the procedure completely.
Emmit 9 I learn best through the arts (drama, music) and hands on activities that involve socializing with others. It also makes the learning environment more enjoyable when I see that the teacher has a way of connecting with the students (e.g. understanding our point of views on various subjects, connecting with the way we feel about certain things, and staying positive about being at school with us). I strongly believe that it is the teacher that impacts how well we learn at school.
Tyler 11 The way I learn best is when I notice the teacher is having fun doing there job. If the teacher is having fun, then so am I 🙂 Also, I learn best when I’m in a field dedicated to my personality. Classes like drama, vocals, musical theater (etc…) all make me feel as if I were in another family, its where I feel safe and at home, as well as I get to do the things I feel like I was born to do.
Adnan 11 I learn best when participating in a group discussion about learning materials. I also learn best when a teacher is enthusiastic and highly passionate about their teaching because it will make myself as a learner to care about the learning and make me want to learn it because of the interest a teacher has with it. I also recently did a “Type of Learner” quiz before and found out that I am a Tactile, Visual, AND Audacity learner. Be able to do, see, and hear a sort of lecture assists me a lot.Discussions in Mr. Moll’s CHW3M and Mr. Waserman’s CLU3M classes very enjoying and taught me amazingly!!!
Kaitlyn 11 I am an auditory and visual learner so I learn best when a teacher uses a chalk board or smart board to write out or draw each step of their lesson. I think this gives the lesson a good pace and helps me to get all of the notes I need while still being able to listen to what the teacher is saying.
Andrew 9 I am a visual learner, therefore I learn best while seeing the work
Mallory 11 Hands on. Visual Learning. I like being given a chance to do it myself.
Shipra 9 The conditions that help me learn the best are understanding the topic, working in a safe learning environment, and for me to be able to ask questions. I am eager to learn to due self motivation and being able to have success in my life. Learning new things really boosts my self confidence and helps me be the best i can be.
Megan 10 I learn best with one on one teaching. I always prefer to be in a quiet work space and I often cannot learn well in big group lessons. I find it very hard to follow. I prefer to see examples of questions instead of just getting instructions.
Kilby 11 I learn best by having discussions and hearing all the possible ideas and solutions from all individuals participating.
Julie 11 I learn best by doing things and interacting orally with people. One on one, face to face with the teacher. When I review my mistakes I need to be told directly what I did wrong and what I can do to fix them. It is important to me that the teacher develops a strong understanding with the student about their learning. A teacher who doesn’t show interest in the person is the worst kind because they should be there to help you. That being said I encourage this meeting to happen because other students like myself need to hear and talk things through to truly understand the content of what they’re learning. I think videos encourage learning because students are so involved with their technology these days its easy to become distracted. Some teachers just hand out packages of information and you have to read it and write an essay on it. The teacher should be explaining the content thoroughly so that we can understand the purpose of all our papers.
Brianna 9 i learn best by having instructions being explained to me thoroughly and having a few examples follow that. i also prefer to have, if possible a picture of some sort in case the wording is not that clear. something that engages me in learning is factual based things like history or language. i also like things that have a specific way to do something as in math you have formulas that will always work one hundred percent of the time. personally i enjoy learning in the section of language and using a broad variety of words.
Jaimee 9 I learn best when I am tought a unit and then given a list of the material covered along with a review package to work through.
Weston 7 I learn best when I am not under pressure by the teacher rushing through lesson and not giving myself or the class a good understanding about the topic. Also I like to learn when I am relaxed because it makes me feel a lot more comfortable.
Jacques 8 the way I learn best is a hybrid of boring lectures of a teacher verbally giving lesson and visuals such as a chalk board or marker board maybe even objects to pass around the group. And most important of all: a teacher that wants to be there, who wants you to exceed and reach your potential
Jessica 8 I personally learn best in situations with small groups, and with interactive learning. I really enjoy working with small groups for a lot of different reasons. First of all, it becomes much more personal, and everyone’s ideas can be heard. When there is around 5 or 6 students, for example, each of those students will have time to share all of their ideas, apposed to an entire class of 30. When everyone can share all their ideas, it ultimately gives everyone more chances to learn. Also, I find that students are much more comfortable talking to just a few people, rather than the whole class. I enjoy interactive learning, when I am up and moving around, or using my hands. This I find, becomes much more engaging. Also, I think it instills some confidence in a student when they learn for themselves, rather than being told by an instructor.
Kate 7 I think that I work best with a self-pace learning style. Knowing what work I need to get done and being able to complete it at my own pace is very helpful to me. Usually if I had an option to type or write by hand a draft of a writing piece I would choose to write it by hand. I like to write on paper because I feel I can edit my work better. I am a visual learner and often I’ll need to see things to know exactly what instructions I’ve been given. I like to talk about my work and projects, and often ask a lot of questions to clarify.
amber 8 i learn best musicaly and hands-on because i really love music and understand it better then normal words and if i just listen to a leason thn i probably wont learn anything and i like things to be orgenized or else i will completely lost.
Lana 8 hands on but i also like to read
Trinity 7 I learn my best by having visual representations, when the learning is fun I learn more.
Beth 7 visual examples.
jacob 7 I learn best when a lesson includes hands on materiel and has formulas and expressions. ex in math i work very well because there are lots of formulas and expressions. Also i work very well in presence of a group/team. Hands on materiel engages me and makes me want to learn more about the subject. It makes me want to learn more because it puts you into the situation and instead of just watching your teacher at the front of the classroom you get to do activities.
Hassaan 7 I learn best when I am studying. Also when I pay attention and when the teacher is being creative. I also learn best when the students in my class are silently working with me as a group.
Adriana 8 I find that I learn things very easily regardless of the conditions. Although I learn best when I have a visual source about my task (i.e. textbook etc) and a teacher explaining what the task is.
I enjoy working independently when a set task is given. I find that it is easy for me to focus and get my thoughts out when I am working independently, although I do enjoy input from another friend or teacher to tell me how I am doing and what I can improve on. I find that videos, and visual aids, or personal stories about a topic really engages my learning. they give me an insight about the topic which really motivates me and informs me about what i am working on.
Dusan 8 I learn best by studing ahead of time, As well as paying very much attention in class and reviewing notes I have taken.
Ravneet 11 I learn best by a teacher giving a lecture and having a powerpoint there for me to write things down. I learn best by writing down notes whilst the teachers talks to the class.
ravneet 11 I learn best when i am working hands on and listening. By firstly listening then doing provides a more engaging learning expirence
Controversial and new topics are most intruiging to me because they expand my thinking and take me out of my comfort zone.
Our school participated in a mental health day, which provided a first-hand chance to hear about different unique individuals experiences and opinions
Lauren 10 I learn best in a smaller class, preferably less then 20 people. I learn by listening carefully and then doing whatever it is I’m learning. I need teachers to be willing to help me learn and to be enthusiastic about the subject they’re teaching. Activities that require moving around and doing things help me pay attention.
Abbey 9 I learn best when I have a conversation about the topic, and then I am able to solve the problem hands on while someone is talking me through it. That way, I will understand what I am doing without questioning myself too much. I also learn better when I ask questions previous to doing it so that I am aware of my surroundings and how to do it properly.
Subhan 9 Hands-on learner
Hailey 12 I learn the best by writing notes and listening to what the teacher has to say, I am an auditory and visual learner. I prefer having a quiet room, and a cooperative classroom environment (little distractions, disruptive students, etc.) I also like having handouts to follow along with, and then reflect on later.
Gurleen 12 I learn best by having a written copy in front of me as well as someone talking to me. However, if this goes on for too long, it is nice to have someone playing interactive games.
Derek 10 auditory learner

48 thoughts on “How do you learn best? Here’s what you said!”

  1. I do my best learning when i see it visualy or when i do it hand to hand im not realy good when i have to read it out of a book or type it out on the computer

  2. What engages me in class is the fun creative writing we do like writing a murder story and the use of lab equipment in science because we do expierements that are really enjoyable

  3. I learn my best when the teacher gives me a visual in class. I enjoy learning more when the teacher gives examples and steps on how to do my work. I find it easier and more enjoyable when the teacher is being supportive towards their students and helping them learn to the best of their abilities.

  4. I enjoy listening to people explain something briefly then, reading about what to do for more information. I find this is the most effective learning technique for me.

  5. I learn best by being told what to do briefly and then being able to do it excessively well. I also enjoy auditory lessons opposed to hands on learning because I enjoy the extra challenges it brings forward. I enjoy being able to have a one on one personal relationship with any and all of my teachers so I am easily able to ask for help. Other than that I like to have basic instructions without it being hands on and then being able to expand and learn more theoretical practices to my classes and such things.

  6. I enjoy when people briefly explain something to me, then I can read a bit more about it for more information. I find this is the best style of learning for me.

  7. i learn best when i am taking notes and listening to a lecture that the teacher is giving. when i have notes it lets me have a better understanding of what to do because i always have that note to look back on.

  8. I learn best when working hands on with topics i enjoy. I have to enjoy the topic in order to enjoy and be involved with the topic.

  9. I learn best in a quiet place and a book.I dont like talking infront of the class or being in big groups. I enjoy when in math, I can work with a book so that if I need help all I need to do is look back in the lessons. Things from reading the drawing I have the most fun learning with.

  10. I learn best when I have a conversation about the topic and do a few examples of the question and I have to see someone do it first so I can be told if I’m doing it right on my own.

  11. No but seriously the board needs to make more accommodations for IB students in order to make the rigorous tough programming easier such as the schools having EE workshops in the summer before IB or even helping IB students with there CAS hours as this would help IB students and enrolment in the programming

  12. I learn the best if I can listen to my music so I don’t have to hear people talking around me and I work the best by myself I don’t do working in groups and by myself

  13. I also find that when we’re given the permission to access other media sources it makes the learning more easier because certain media sources display their information differently

  14. I learn best when teacher give me lectures and give examples of what they are talking about, and when the teacher let the students have experiments.

  15. I personally need a lot of one on one support with the teacher, which is a disadvantage since there are other students in the class. A lot of people need somewhat unique settings in order to reach their potential…..

    I generally am better with a mixture of hands on and note taking, I can’t comprehend lectures at all…. a mixture of material that stimulates all learning styles would be beneficial….

    tl;dr the utilization of different methods of teaching and different resources within a class is ideal in my opinion.

  16. I like to learn by talking in class or in partners because I have lots of good ideas in my head but a hard time getting it on a page or posting it on my blog

  17. Zainab: I learn best when the teacher uses their words and talk in front of the class that way I pay a close attention and listen to what the teacher says.

  18. A perfect school for me is 3 gyms with more laptops and ipads and more computers.Bigger class rooms with 60 minute gyms and bigger wash rooms also 30 minutes to eat your food .More food in the snack program thats my perfect school

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