357 thoughts on “Share a learning experience(s) that was fun, engaging and motivated you to do your best.”

    1. I would have to say it was when my teacher introduced pages and numbers on our electronics, and also airplay so when we presentate you can see as well as work together.

  1. We need better gym equipment because if we get new things we can be more active with more things to play with and we learn to take care of them because we know that if we ruin them we don’t get anymore.

  2. I have always loved doing media assignments like making videos so would you kindly add in more videos and field trips have been great, i think this year has been great.


  3. one of my favourite learning experiences was when we had a slow pitch baseball tournament it pushed me to do my best, and it also helped me work together with my peers.

  4. I like to do fun assignments that help me learn because I can get a better learning experience and just doing activities in general to help me learn easier and faster. I think assignments that are hard also motivate me to do my best.

  5. A learning experience that I enjoyed was having guest instructers come in to our class and give us activities to do that will educate our minds and fill it up with information we’ve never learned before.

  6. I love our school trips because all of them include being very active and they are all very fun!!!!
    Doing lots of fun assignments, activities and projects.
    I also think that we should get just a bit more of gym equipment also.

  7. I am encouraged to do my best when I am using Google Drive for my assignments because it is a great website to use because you can do writing assignments on it, you can do slide show presentations on it plus a lot more tools you can use to assist you with your assignments. Another thing about Google Drive that encourages me to try my very best is that when I am doing work, my teachers can see everything I am typing. So that influences me to stay in topic and not goof off I when I’m working.

  8. I remember i was having a hard time with a class and got streassed and my teacher talked out the best way to help me get through my anxiety and do my best on my project! i was able to do my project by being creative and expressing my thoughts artisticly!

  9. I like the activities we do in gym/spartucus such as working out, doing circuits and running. These activities helped me get fit and are fun. They also help boost your self – confidence becuase you feel great about your self after a workout.

  10. when i go on school field trips, it usually is a lot of fun and it encourages me to do better so maybe we could have more field trips. also going to the classes i like to do such as music and gym it encourages me to do better and i usually do bcz i like to do it

  11. when i was in elementary school i loved to go on school trips because they were so engaging and motivated me to do my best at the task at hand.

  12. I remember in gym class our teacher taught us to walk and move quieter, so this was very helpful and motivated me when sneaking around the halls during class with friends and trying to break into the principal’s office.

  13. When I went on a trip with my basketball academy class to McMaster to train for speed, quickness, agility, and strength I was able to learn more about good exercises to improve fundamentals of running and make us better athletes. It was very fun and during the exercises I was motivated to do my best.

  14. I am encouraged to do my best when I am allowed to add my own personal flair to my school work. I usually do this by encorporating drawings and diagrams as well as colour into my answers. I am really encouraged to do my best when my teachers respond to these additions with positivity.

  15. my favorite learning experience is learning how to write better, using the proper words and making the story flow. like harry potter, that story was boss! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. When we had to write scary stories and I watch a lot of scary movies I knew that I wanted to do my best for the story,And of course as I thought I could do my best I did

  17. Some of our favorite activities involved working together with hands on work such as building the pasta bridges and Chef Suzanne (french). We also enjoyed having the freedom to choose who we wanted to work with and how we wanted to present our projects, such as the history project. The history project was also really enjoyable because we got to present it in a way that we enjoyed (e.g. a song, a painting etc.)

  18. My favourite experience that was fun was a day in science when we were building filters, it was really fun to experiment and toy around with things.


  19. My favorite learning experience was bringing the written information we learned from science onto physical knowledge in the form of labs. The labs helped to show me how the information we learned was related to real world experiences and encouraged me to continue learning.

  20. Some of my learning experiences that were fun, engaging and motivating were when teachers do some small competitive activities within the class and especially when there is a prize involved, either it be some school supplies or even some candy. This makes you not only have fun but also makes you engaged in the activity and motives you to try your best but best of all it also helps you learn. Although competitions are great, I also like feild trips where I can go have fun, engage myself in various activities and get motivated to do my assigned task.

  21. I learn best when we have interesting conversations in class on what we are studying and when the teacher can really get involved.

  22. i think that working with hands on projects (sience projects, art projects,ect) are very fun aswell as very helpfull because it allows you to experince real life situations that help you to become ready for high school. this also allows you to try out different things that help you to find out what your interests are and make you think about your courses for your futre courses in high school. which in the long run will help you very much

  23. somethin that motivated me was thinking into the future to think if i want my dream job i will just have to work hard and it will pay off also at my school there is a giant reward breakfast of champions if you get over 75 percent i worked hard for it and it certainly paid off

  24. A learning experience that I found engaging and fun, motivating me to do my best, was when we were able to watch videos and do skits becasue it was more fun and motivated the whole class to participate. This resulted in myself, as well as the rest of the class to do our best for it was an engaging method of teaching.

  25. I like when teachers let me listen to music in class because it helps me focus on my work. It’s also great when teachers do interactive activities when they do lesson.

  26. An expirence that I thought was fun was at a field trip to Mc Master University where we got to play with computer programming, and created our own text game. Another one was when one of my classes built a mini-town by each student creating their own building such as a Walmart, or shopping mall.

  27. I like when teachers let me listen to music in class because it helps me focus on my work. It’s also great when teachers use interactive activities to teach us. ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. A learning experience that I found help me get a better understanding of the topic, and is affective for memorizing and learning the material is doing group activites such a skits and projects. Reseach has shown that by doing these group projects, students remember and understand about 80% of the material, years later. Compared to doing notes, or textbook questions where students remember slim to nothing. From my personal experiences I can stand behind and support this statistic

  29. The learning experience that was fun, engaging and motivated me to do by best was definitely the Science fair in Grade 10 pre-IB. It allowed me to expand my understanding of my topic and granted me the ability to help others understand it as well.

  30. One memory I have of when I was motivated was in English class. We were tasked with memorizing and presenting a scene from Romeo and Juliette. It was different than any presentation that I had done before. It was challenging, engaging and i had a lot of fun with it.

  31. That moment when you’re in IB and you watch the Big Bang Theory and understand all of Sheldon’s jokes because our teacher explains them

  32. i really liked when we did things like drama and community building. for me i really like things where we are participating in it not just listening to a conversation. in grade 5-6 i got to learn boring things like math in fun ways such as acting it out or making about fun topics

  33. At dalewood we do advisor lessons, where OELC members teacha. Class at our school for 1 period. We do fun exercises and get to plan out a lesson. It’s lots of fun and it’s a great experience to show everyone what we have learned.

  34. We once had a project where we had to create our own planet. it was fun because it was open-ended and there was really no right or wrong answer, and the teacher let us do really whatever we wanted to do. It was one of the most fun learning experience I ever had :D.

  35. I have lots of fun when we get to do hands on and interactive lessons in school such as debates modeling historical treaties, acting out the situations in trenches in WWi and TOK lessons (IB)

  36. When I was working on a video with all my friends. I had a good time making a video and also have some laughs. The video ended up turning really good. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. I find that when a teacher gives us a hypothetical situation (i.e. Word questions), it is much more engaging than answering a normal equation. Answering “If John has 20 apples, and he eats 2 per day, how long will it take to finish them?” is much more fun than answering “20 – (2 x 5)”

  38. My favourite learning experience was when my class had a big debate. Everyone got to be involved and it was a great way to understand everyone else’s opinions.

  39. Debates – got to learn about different topics and everyone’s opinion in class.
    Craft day – hands-on experiences and we are able to put what we learned in class into practice.
    Fun, outgoing teachers.

  40. I really love it when I work together on our chromebooks, it really engages all of us, especially me because I’m working with my peers and classmates while I am using something that I always use and that I am very experienced with .

  41. if you ask me, i like almost everything we do other than long writing projects, anything to do with health, or speaking in front of the class. everything else is a ok or great learning experiences. (6)

  42. One learning experience that was fun, engaging and motivated you t do your best? The thing that got me motivated me was my bad grades. My bad grades motivated me because after that i was getting good grades again

  43. the trips because we get to go to different places and let us work and learn new things outdoors, like that time we went to a museum and learned about art but the trip was still fun

  44. i liked music playing the flute because my siblings played it and that motivated me to do my best in this activity and i also enjoyed it.

  45. Do you have opportunities to have fun and be creative when sharing what you are learning and understand in class? Be specific with examples. An interesting way i can share my ideas is by posting blogs and class discussion

  46. Tell your teachers what activities and experience you would like to do in order to share what you are learning and explain. Some activities i would like to do is Art so i can lean how to draw better Language i’m not that good at it

  47. How do digital tools and technology support you in your learning. Yes technology does help me because if i’m doing research and i can’t find anything in the books i can use technology to help me research.

  48. I love the fact that I can listin to music well doing work and not be botherd ever since I was able to listin to music I can get my work done better and faster!

  49. We think that when we went to Crawford Lake back in October because we got to learn about our history in Canada and still got to play fun games…It was a lot of fun

  50. I have enjoyed many things at school but the most fun , and have been engaged the most was chess. Chess is a really productive game that helps with our math skills.It also helps us work together as a team.

  51. We should use more tec because we can get it for a bigger audience and more people can comment instead of using paper and not getting it to bigger audience. That’s what I think that we should use more tec in schools.

  52. When we go on field trips, it is so much fun…

    I think the schools should allow students to work together from different classes. Like maybe mix in one grade seven class with another grade seven class for a period to get work done.

  53. When we use hands on, it engages me to do my best! I like it when my teacher uses a hands on models or shows us a video because it it fun and like it to help me learn

  54. we think that students enjoy circles where you can share your thoughts. students might feel more open to learning if they were provided with more resources.

  55. One Time in grade 5 me and my class went to a history museum to learn things about Native American history ,it was amazingly fun.We learned a lot eg, we learned ,all the tribes , how they thought they got there and how they would live. So for history or for any subject I hope we can learn on a field trip.

  56. I really like writing. So I like it when we get to do free writing on our blogs on the Commons in Language.
    Or in Art when we can chose what we want to do (e.g. Drawing, using paint/pastels)


  57. Hey I think we should have more trips because you learn while you have fun and you also be in the outdoors to more fresh air ( sometimes it’s indoors) anyways being out of school for a while it pretty fun maybe you can have fun trips that doesn’t have learning like for a reward here are some reward trips wild water works ,Canada’s wonderland,wild water works,marine land , wild water works,Niagara falls, wild water works WILD WATER WORKS!!!! Need to plan a trip for Cardinal Heights make it be wild water work please please please with a cherry on top ! Make sure it wild water works just saying

  58. Johnny: i think there should be two periods of gym everyday of the week because we should be more exercised and we don’t want to be obese.
    Steven: Music in general is always very engaging for me because I enjoy playing music and I love sharing the music I play. Because music in my opinion shares a lot of feelings and lots of messages.

  59. I think we should have to take french because it’s hard because we speak English and that’s all we should have to know because like French teachers are so mean most anyway they yell at you for no reason and I hate french so much because I really don’t want to learn french it’s not something I’m learning at all because I don’t want to so that’s my opinion I don’t think we should have to learn what we don’t want to and I don’t want to learn french

    1. I think we should not have to take french because itโ€™s hard because we speak English and thatโ€™s all we should have to know because like French teachers are so mean most anyway they yell at you for no reason and I hate french so much because I really donโ€™t want to learn french itโ€™s not something Iโ€™m learning at all because I donโ€™t want to so thatโ€™s my opinion I donโ€™t think we should have to learn what we donโ€™t want to and I donโ€™t want to learn french

  60. I love the fact that I can listen to music well doing work and not be botherd ever since I was able to listin to music I can get my work done better and faster! And that we can do science experiments!

  61. we think every thing is fun in terms of work and tec but me and my friend think we should be able to choose weather we can stay in or go out for recess

  62. The thing that really motivates me is when I get to build it to show it. Like in science, we got to build a car or something to show an electrical circuit.

  63. I had fun at this field trip to a farm because there was big animals and lots of plants. We got to pull the cows utters and there was milk, end of story!

  64. I enjoy how we do science experiments during class and how we get gym everyday at our school. Gym is fun and we get physical activity for at least sixty minuets a day.

  65. Lala |. when the gym teacher sets challenges when we play baseball to hit the back bored it makes us want to try more

    Madi | When we had a test, but it was a game show. It was very fun and we all tried our best.

    Annie we do a circle in math and language but in math we do something called brags and drags and in language the teacher gives us a question and everyone answers it and we go all alone the circle

  66. id say when we have to do hands on projects such as a model for science or building something without having to answer questions on a work sheet. i also like working more with a partner, i find i do better with a partner than without.

  67. id say that i work better in hands on activitys like models for science or other things that require building or hands on better then work sheets. i also work best with a partner too when i have to do school work.

    1. i liked when we went to the skills compotition and we got to see all the different jobs you could get and i saw one i really liked it was welding and my uncle is a welder

  68. when we went to skills trip we learend a whole bunch of opportunitys for a job and they were jobs i was interested in

  69. i think music hisory is very fun and motivating to discover wat really happened to elvis presly thank you for reading and goodbye

    sincerely bill.

  70. We went on a trip to Battlefield park in Stony Creek I personally loved it because I am in the cadets and I just love learning about Canadian history. I also love playing Music because I am a musician myself and I play guitar and my favorite band is The Beatles and my whole life just evolves around Music and if Music ever just became extinct I would literally go crazy.
    Thank you for listening to my feedback: Austin Browne ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. I think learning about Elvis presley was really cool. also i am very exited to learn about the beatles. and learning new things.

  72. um, i don’t know maybe, the speeches, because i was in the speech competition, and before that i was horrified by the thought of speaking infront of the school, but after that, and seeing all the good speeches ahead of me i was motivated to do my best, and im motivated to do my best in the speech competition next year. i am determined to win.

  73. When we did the science experiment with a heater and a metal ball. We had a metal ring and and we had to try to fit the ball through the metal ring, and we heated the metal ring and then put it in ice cold water and the ring imploded. We were able to fit the ball through the ring in one of them.


  74. Going on trips and learning new things, and I like doing science experiments like doing the water filters and the bean experiment. Were we but different things to water the bean like coffee milk ect it was aso fun last year when we did these circit things. #memorialcity

  75. Well, Usually what modivates me to do my best is; When I get to experiance hands on learning experiances with my friends. I make more memories. When I think of the the momeries with my friends, It reminds me of the purpose I was engaged in that experiance.

    Special thanks to Mrs. schilthuis for Always giving us new experiences! ๐Ÿ™‚ #MemorialCity #loveschool #mrs.schilthuis!! !<3

  76. We went on a trip to Battlefield park in Stony Creek I personally loved it because I am in the cadets and I just love learning about Canadian history. I also love playing Music because I am a musician myself and I play guitar and my favorite band is The Beatles and my whole life just evolves around Music and if Music ever just became extinct I would literally go crazy.
    Thank you for listening to my feedback: Austin Browne ๐Ÿ™‚ #MemorialCityHamilton!!!!!!!

  77. The thing that motivated me the most was joining the basketball team because it made me try my hardest. #Memorial City

  78. i think music hisory is very fun and motivating to discover wat really happened to elvis presly thank you for reading and goodbye

    sincerely bill.

    # Memerial CITY

  79. i like the trip that we are going on at niagara falls and we are staying in a hotel for a nigth and i dont like are school becouse we have to have a memorial t-shart #memorialCity

  80. one of the best fun learning experience was going on the dundas conservation area trip. we learned about boring eco sytems but the fun part was when we put the the knolege about eco sytems to a fun game. and if it wasnt for Mrs Schilthuis and mr belauardo we wouldnt be able to go on our year end trip to NIAGRA FALLS!!!!! #memorial city

  81. i think music hisory is very fun and motivating to discover wat really happened to elvis presly thank you for reading and goodbye

    sincerely bill.
    #Memorial CITY

  82. there should be more extra activites and more trips! more nature ๐Ÿ™‚ we should have a trip on earth day!we should have a center or something so we can lern about legends, animals, history, myth, movies, actors, singers, government, more instraments like harp, violin, piano, such things like that, learn what we dont allready know ๐Ÿ˜‰

  83. the best lrearning expirience for me is when we do hands on activites because people learn more when they get things explained to them and when they do the activity they learn even more so thats the best learning expirience for me.

  84. MY motivating experience was the art crawl near the beginning of the school year. It motivated me to try harder and do my best in art so that maybe I would create something good enough to be sold. #MemorialCity

  85. i love when we do vocal appreictiation because it makes me more confident to sing infront of people so it was engaging and motivating and it makes me want to do my best to not be worried to sing at my best infront of a class/people #Memorial City

  86. the best learning experince for me is when we do hands on projects.Or just plain just doing things by myself. I like when i can just work,type or just do somthing that i love doing. also a good experince is music class i enjoy music. so i wish that music would be more inforced to do or somthing because music is a fun class. #memorial city

  87. A great extra curricular activity I participated in was when the grade 7 girls and Ms. Leyzer invited me to be apart of the band and also sing a couple songs during assembly’s. It was an amazing experience to be apart of and I had an amazing time working with amazing people.

  88. Memorial should have more food in the snack bin. Like peaches and pudding! And when they give us bagels, they shouldnt just give us bread and a sticks. They should have more trips too. And fancy elevators.

    1. In addition for the trips, we should go to the science center again and the movies. Just for fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. I would like it if Memorial had more trips. I really enjoyed going to the Science Center in Toronto in grade 7, not only did I have fun I learned a lot. I wish that some one could take the time to organize another trip there.
    Another thing that bothers me is that they stopped giving us pudding in the snack bin I understand that it may be unhealthy but I look fondly on the memories of eating pudding at the school.

  90. what i found fun was educational trips that is the art crawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. something fun was last year when we went on the science center trip it was fun because we got to split up in smaller groups and look around our selves

    #memorial city

  92. i think it was fun to go on amazing field trips that are related to our school topics! but i wish we didnt have to wear uniforms, or atleast more options for the colors of uniforms instead of blue, black and white. #memorial_city ๐Ÿ™‚ :3

  93. I enjoy going on interesting and ineteractive field trips related to specific subjects. An example that comes to mind is the trip to the Science Center which had fun, interactive exhibits and was a good learning experience. #memorialcity

  94. My best learning experience was when we got to work on our own presentations in class. We got to learn a lot more than we would being talked to, because we got to research on our own.
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  95. hands on stuff like building stuff and getting to keep what you make. fun trips help me try my best because i like fun trips were we can build stuff ๐Ÿ˜€

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  97. #memorialcity
    the funniest thing we have had at memorial was going to the science centre!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. I greatly enjoyed writing out my speech for 2014, and my 2013 speech on homicide for that matter. It was awesome. And I finally achieved a medal! BRONZE! WHOOT WHOOT!
    #ACHIEVMENT! #seamusodonnellisdabest

  99. this year i liked science especially the cells unit and the “make your own cell” project and “build a 3-D model of a plant or animal cell”.

  100. art, drama, gym, i even like science because teachers actually try to connect with the students i also liked the skills comp cause i could see what diffrent jobs are out there #MEMORIAL CITY

  101. A learning experience that was fun and engaging and motivated me to learn is when i was in scince class and we were doing a pop can experiment. There was a hot plate, ice water, tongs and a pop can. so we filled the pop can with water and we put it on the hot plate till we saw steam. Then we pored the water in a boal and quickl put it in the ice cold water and it contracted. It was so much fun. #memorialcity

  102. Last year, it was awesome when we went to Cave Springs for our year end trip! This year, we are going on a trip to Niagara Falls for the year end trip and it should be awesome! When I was on the track and field team, the teachers would always motivate me and the other members to try their best and to run faster. #MemorialCity

  103. a learning experience was when I was at school and i was geting good marks and i was so happy I was motivated to kepp geting good marks for the rest of school. #memorialcity

  104. The technologie that helped us learn was fun and I enjoyed it alot, and it motivated me to the best I can. #MemorialCity

    1. When we went to the rock climbing trip i started to like it and i want to go back again because it was a great experience

    2. memorial is a good school lots of fun programs and great ways to learn i like the music room alot there are so many instruments that i am exided to leard how to play #memorialcity

  105. my lerning experience is that i always try my best at all of the subjets and my favorite subjet is art because i am very good at art!

  106. will i think math because i need alot of help but with the help they get me to do better because thats one thing that i cant really do. with help i gets me to become a better student !!

  107. What I learned and what was fun is the music room. Its fun because you can go to extra extra that is extra help after school if needed or for fun. This teacher makes sure that we have fun and makes sure that we learn something new every day. this teacher does more the just music he does history. he teaches us about motzart, Elvis, Beatles, beach boys and more. this room is the safest room in the school. every time i go in that room he makes sure we have a laugh

  108. A learning experience that was fun, engaging and motivated me to do my best was when we used to play around the world. Around the world is basically a math game where you go around the classroom competing against a person with a math question. The first person who answers the math question the is held up wins. And the winner moves on to another person with a different math question. And so on.

  109. i got modavatoed to do better in school because my mom said if i did really good in school then i would get to join gymnastics so now im in cometive Dance and competive gymnastics! so thats how i got better to do better in school!!

    And also i tryed my hardest and i stop paying lots of attenchon to my friennds but then i came way more educated in school and i think that im going to get a really good edutcation one day so now im going to give you my summary!

    my summary:
    one day i went to memorial city school and i was very nervous amd so in grade 6 i was not too good at math and reading and my mother and all of my family where getting scared for me and my edutcation because they thought i woundnt get a scolarship to a really good unavrstiy so then in grade 7 everything had stared to change (e.x- my additude, my grades , my life, and my gymnastics)
    then i got really into basketball and that made me really relized that i should start makeing my grades better and they did so now i think that the loving of sports and exra curriculum helped me with my learining here a memorial school!

    thanks for reading !!

  110. a expirience that motivated me is when i was so lazy and didnt wanna do anything. but my friends all motivated me to try out for the basketball team and really didnt want to but i still did and guess what?! i made the team and now im a pretty decent basketball player!

  111. A learning experience that was fun, engaging and that motivated me to do my best is when we went on that nature trip. We played a lot of games and learned about a lot of animals and what they do and eat. It was a fun trip and it helped me learn about animals and uh… Yeah. #MemorialCity

  112. A learning expirience that encouraged me to do the best I can is when we used the micropscopes in science class.
    I feel like this motivated me because I personaly like science class very much, and I enjoy learning about living things, and what they do. I feel like the microscopes in science are a good way to get people engaged in trying to do their best, because they like to show that they are mature enough to use the microscopes like a professional.
    This same way of motivation happened to me, and that is why I believe that the microscopes are very motivational, and engage kids into doing their best.


  114. memorial is an amazing school! our music program is awesome, we learn alot such as history about Elvis, The Beatles, Beach Boys it really is amazing stuff. math this year is pretty good i have learned alot this year. the teachers here are really supportive on what you would like to do. so anyways that what i really wanted to say! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  115. art crawl motivated me to continue doing what I love(art) and improve on my skills so that maybe one day, someday my art may be sitting in others homes and one day I will become sucessful in my passion.

  116. We went on a trip to Battlefield park in Stony Creek I personally loved it because I am in the cadets and I just love learning about Canadian history. I also love playing Music because I am a musician myself and I play guitar and my favorite band is The Beatles and my whole life just evolves around Music and if Music ever jue ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. The ski trip motivated me to do my best because it was a super fun trip, that I learned how to ski and its just an amazing trip that memorial should do every year. #memorial city

  118. I really liked the gravity rock climbing trip because it was really fun and it taught you to belive that if you really try you can do it, and to do your best. #memorialcity

  119. When we went to the rock climbing trip i started to like it and i want to go back again because it was a great experience

    1. i just came to memorial this year . but when i came here and its was scary. it a really good school it has good security and it has thing you can buy at lunch. and Mr. p is awesome in music and the awesome trips. # memorial city

  120. i have been here since Sept 2013 and the funnest thing i did was on the orienteering trip when we went out in the forest

    #memorial city

  121. I love when we got the iPads. The apps were fun like iMovie.
    I think it teaches us what it’s like to be an actor/actress.
    It’s a good app if you wanna be an actor/actress for a job.
    iMovie is also a good app to see who you can work with good and not in a group.

  122. the thing that inspired me the most was the rock climbing trip because i was with my best friend Mady and we have created a bond with eachother and we faced our fear of hights and we had alot of fun together

  123. When I saw mr. p and the music program I was inspired to try my hardest in music and make my dream to be a singer song writer.
    #Memorial City

  124. I havent been at memorial for a long time i have only been here for about a year but i have had made a lot of new friends. at my old school i had many many frinds but transfering here i had barley any friends i had 3 friends in my calss i know i could have just stayed with them but i broke out of my shell when people started to talk to me and i made alot of new friends and now i have tuns of friends now i love being here at memorial. #MemorialCity

  125. The ski trip motivated me to do my best because the trip was awesome. I learned how to ski and had fun skiing with my friends. I also had fun going down the hills and talking to my friends about it.

  126. I have not been here at Memorial for a long time, though, I definitely have had awesome experiences here.
    I would have to say one of the most engaging, fun and motivating is the music room altogether, I love playing instruments more then I have before, I love every way Mr.Popek teachs us, I love every new instrument that I’ve never seen before in my life, I personally believe it is an amazing experience that changes my view on music for the better, whilst having tons of fun! I think this is my personal favorite thing of Memorial compared to other schools i’ve been to.
    Now I could go bragging about other great experiences here at memorial, but then again, my friend are screaming at me for how much I write, so, yeah… =/ #MemorialCity #Hashtag #Popek

  127. when we had to go to the gravty rock climbing trip and i got to swing like miley cyrus and sang wreking ball and it was so funny and i made a guybleave my namew was Britney s pears bacuse i love her sooooo much bacuse she is the best .

  128. the trip that motivated me to do my best was the trip to see Spencer west. he motivated me to do my best because he climbed the biggest mountain in Africa with no legs.#MemorialCity

  129. I really how we have really really fun trips all the time and teachers are so nice. Also i feel like i learn so much in class and im never ever clueless because our teacher’s our really helpful and very nice #memorialcity

  130. โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ™ฆโ™ฆโ™ฆโ™ฆโ™ฆi like that we go to lots of trips and we have free time all the time we all ways play man hunt #memorial cityโ™ฆโ™ฆโ™ฆโ™ฆโ™ฆโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ

  131. Grade 4 i started at this new school and we started Music it was awesome! i learned alot of music, we learned all about the Kings and Elvis, we started singing songs the first one i learned was Last Kiss i remember the whole song! and we also learned Stand By Me and lots of other songs and i learned how to play the Recorder and the Ukulele and if you were really good you could have played the Drums #Memorial City

  132. when we just started gym and what made it fun was when we were playing doge ball and it was fun thats why this school is alot of fun when we were playing in the gym thats why the gym is so awsome and the school is fun when we were at tis school it was fun when were in gym and at school …………………………………………………………………………………… #memorialcity
    it was fun ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  133. My exprience was awesome when i done my speech. I got to learn a lot of Canada`s history. It feels like im them, the Voyager`s. It`s a really good learning tool for history.

  134. The thing that inspired me the most was the rock climbing trip because i was with my best friend teryn and we had developed a bond with eachother and we had faced our fears of hights and have created friendships that will never be forgotten. i also love that it was so much fun because i got to have fun climbing to the top of each thing if you were dareing enough to do it and i was so it made it very cool to go on the trip.i also liked when i went upside down on the rock walls. but its completely safe so if you need to get off because your to scared or your hurting they will relese the rope and they will put you down slowley and its even more safe because it will stop if the person is not touching it which is cool and i hope that next year we will go on it next year.plzzzzzzzzz #memorial

  135. My fun experience was last year in grade 6 in science because we had to connect wires and make a light bulb light up so that was really fun and it would make you want to do more. I remember that every time we had to pack up no one wanted to and i just wanted to say that Mrs. Bender is an amazing teacher she works a memorial city, so thank you soooooo much Mrs. Bender!!!

  136. Grade 4 i started at this new school and we started Music it was awesome! i learned alot of music, we learned all about the Kings and Elvis, we started singing songs the first one i learned was Last Kiss i remember the whole song! and we also learned Stand By Me and lots of other songs and i learned how to play the Recorder and the Ukulele and if you were really good you could have played the Drums #Memorial City.

  137. the rock climbing trip was motivating to me because it pushed me to get over my fear of hights and keep going higher until I reached the top and it motivated me to stay active#MemorialCity

    1. trips like rock climbing are ok but i think well mr.henry would like going to the royal meuseaum or the sience center a friend went their and she said it was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!she captured a vid and i belived her

  138. #Memorial City: One moment at school that I found memrable was when my grade went o the Canadian war plane heratiage musium, I foun this memrable because it was a lot of fun but also REALLY educational. I learned a lot about the war and fighter planes that I NEVER knew before, and I find that memrable.

  139. A fun learning experience for me was the rock climbing trip. I learned that rock climbing takes alot of strength and concentration. I also learned that rock climbing is fun!

  140. the orentring trip was really fun it take me how to navagate so know i know how to use a map and know my directions

  141. I have been here since kindergarden and I don’t know what els to say ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

  142. What really motivates me at my school is learning on the iPads. Ever since we’ve had them I’ve had so much fun doing projects with iMovie or Explain Everything. One time three of us made a project on Penguins with Explain Everything. I learned that Penguins made their nests of rocks. I don’t know where I thought they made them before, but that project got me to think about it. Thank you for giving us these awesome things and letting us experience it.


  143. i liked the rock climbing trip because i got over my fear of heights and i learnd how to rock climb and i wish there was more science trips and more programs.#Memorial City

  144. my rock climbing trip was motivating for me because i learned to rock climb, bolder and i love that i got over my fear of hights and i set a goal of where i was going to stop and come down and if i didnt reach that point i wouldnt let them take me down off the wall <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  145. Im very excited for our end of the year trip. I hope it will be a little less money but im super excited and I will probaly bring my own tent and my tent is like 2 tents combined. I wounder who i will share my tent with?


  146. a fun experience for me is during computers. we get to use the computers to play games and type stuff

  147. #MemorialCity

    On Wednesday my class went on a trip to Gravity Climbing Gym.
    It was an awesome trip, it taught me about how your legs were important for rock climbing and if your scared of heights, after you want on a couple of times your fear goes away and you start having enjoying the trip.

  148. The rock climbing trip helped me believe in myself and was motivating because im really scared of hights and my friends kept encouraging me too go higher and i was a little scard but when they were saying i could do that motivated me to keep going and i learned that i dont give up easy and i had fun

  149. #MemorialCity

    On Thursday, May 8th 2014, The Social Justice League went to see Spencer West on tour at winston churchill. He’s such an amazing inspiration for those with disabilaties. There was also a young girl who was younger than anybody in the theatre. She has her own blog and she is as well inspirational as Spencer West.

  150. rockclimbing trip
    It was so fun and i learned alot about myself and it was a really good experience. Also when teachers are funny it makes leaning fun and pushes me to do my best.

  151. Me Avery and Elizabeth made a project and it was fun it was we had to make a Volcano and now we are doing a project on briges its going to be fun.


  152. i love memorial city. is the best school in the world they have a great friends in this school. i like memorial

  153. A fun experience for me is jump rope for heart.I love all the fun is my First day of school


  154. I like that memorial has talent shows and fun days for exsample today Friday May 9th we all exprienced ways to help our school become a better community and place to learn and play with our friends, i liked that we all got to exsperience this day not by our selfs but with others

  155. i like that people help others and make them feel welcome and loved by everone people stop bullying and dont up people dwon #memorial city

  156. I like Memorial because it is the best school and all the principals and teachers help me. My favourite thing to do at school is gym class and I love using the tablet or ipad. #MemorialCity

  157. i went on a year end trip to niagra falls it motivated me because i learned about myself i like travelling #memorialcity

  158. a awesome experience that I had was meeting a really good friend and her name is Kaitlin well i love meeting lots of people and going to this school is such a great experience I met lots of friends.This school is nice.I don’t want summer to come… kaitlin have been so nice to me sence i’ve came. #MemorialCity

  159. at my class room we get to build amazing projects and it is lots of fun cause we all get to do something great and fun #memorialcity

  160. an experience i had was meeting the nicest girl of my life named codi bruch she helps me when i am upset we never get in fightsand she was a new student in my class

  161. The rock climbing was AWESOME! ๐Ÿ˜€ Cant wait to go camping with all my best friends!! ๐Ÿ˜€ #memorialcity

  162. I like memorial school because we have IPADS in the room to play on anddo research on,#memorial city!!!

  163. i liked when we went to the rock climbing trip because i loved climbing the walls and jumping down #memorialcity

  164. When we went rockclimbing I went because im gr.6 it was hard to get to the top but I didn’t and next time I won’t be scared to get to the top!#Memorial City :3

  165. I think music is awesome i play the trumpet its just so fun and awesome with Mr.Popek and so yeah. #Memorial City

  166. I rember the time when me and my best friend Aliyah went to the Pumkin-Patch in grade 2 . We went into a really cool hanted house and a cool scarecow that me and Aliyah took a picture with. That was the best time here at Memorial City and Mr . Early is the best teacher EVER and can’t wait to go camping in june with everyone ๐Ÿ˜ฎ !!!!!!!

  167. it would be fun if we played games with mr dougay. it would be fun if we watched a movie as a class.go out side an run around as a class. we can do more art as a class and do like diffrent art like drawing,water colours,and draw some pictures for mr.dougay.
    #memorial city


  168. i loved the rock climbing trip because i got super high on the rock wall the first time i got on it. i almost killed my self #memorialcity

  169. We love playing on computers and having free time. Library is very fun because we get to play on netbooks and watch movies all the time. We also love music because we get free time everyday and play on the instruments.

  170. i like how we get to go to the run for change ! The run for change is a 5k race that we are running and all the change we collect goes across seas and in less fortunate countries to build new and improved schools. # memorial city

  171. my fun experience was when I was in the gym because i got to play
    a rock, paper scissors game , it was fun because you start as a worm and change to different animals. It motivated me to do my best because i really wanted to get to the highest level.

  172. what i like about our school is when people is nice to one another.and when we get resses and allowed to to go on the play ground.what i like about our school is when we get gym but then we have to be good#memorial city

  173. the learning experience that is fun is doing water colors in art because the water color techniques are awesome!

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