30 thoughts on “After having several discussions and school initiatives in the board about bullying, why does bullying still occur?”

    1. Ashley,
      Bullies know that they’re bullying, but sometimes its not intentionally. People go through problems in there personal life that effects the way they act at School.
      People use the way they feel as an excuse to make other people feel bad about themselves.
      Bulling is an on going excuse to make other people feel bad about themselves, and it needs to stop.

    2. Ashley R,
      That doesn’t make sense really, but I understand what you’re saying.
      See, to me your point is invalid, Bullies do know they are bullying someone, most bullies use their home lives as an excuse to bully people, saying they’re depressed and the only way to make them feel good about themselves is to bully other people and make them feel like they are 3 feet tall. We’ve all been bullied at one point, and I bet we’ve all bullied someone as well, we make bad choices. Bullying is an ongoing situation that will most likely continue to go on for many many years.

      But my point is, that Bullies do know that they are bullying. 🙂

  1. I think people continue bullying because they probably feel bad about their selfs so they try to push other people down to make them feel better. I think people also bully other people to be cooler or more popular. They also may bully because they do not want to be bullied theirselves

  2. listen, wtf is wrong with people thesse days, saying that people bully because they dont know their bullying or saying they feel bad for them selfs. learn how to type

  3. I think people still bully because the fell insecure and they bully because for them picking on people that are smaller and weaker than them makes tham feel secure. I think this is wrong and if someone wants to feel secure thay should treat people nicely and then they will have friends. Because: when you are a bully no one would want to be your friend.

  4. Even after having several discussions and school initiatives in the school board about bullying, bullying still occurs because the minds or situations that affect the individuals decisions that convey them to result to bullying situations have not change. Although others are aware of the effects bullying can cause but they aren’t aware of the bully’s reason to preform hurtful actions.

  5. I personally think that bullying still ocours because of lack of listening to those who try to teach that bullying is not ok. I dont think bullying is okay, it makes you feel worthless and could make you self concious. i hate that feeling because it makes you feel empty. I WILL NOT make excusses for bullies….. unexceptable.

  6. No matter how much we educate kids on bullying, have bulling awarness days, or create harsh punishments for bullying and bystanders, the reality is, there is always going to be bullying, whethter it is verbal, physical, social, or cyber. Sometimes people dont even know they are bullying because they didnt know that their “jokes” where actaully harming the other person emotionally. Sometimes people, put others down, becuse others are putting them down, whether it be their parents, peers, siblings or “friends”. People bully others by saying means things or betting them up, because they want to feel in control or powerful. There are many other reasons why people bully others, and why bulling occurs. However bullying is very much caused by the bullies persnal issues or struggles, so the real way to start reducing the amount of bulling is to help the bully.

  7. i honestly dont know why this still occurs in all schools in the board, im 13, and i still dont know why people are still pulling this garbage, its getting ridiculous, truly out of control, and bad language isnt good either pooman. :c

  8. They don’t listen to the teacher and think there dumb but to the person who is getting bullied they try to say something but the parent or teacher says it has are ready been taken care of.

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