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  1. What is the Director’s Student Voice Forum?
  2. How do you like to express yourself?
  3. Ways to participate:
      1. In Person
      2. Twitter
      3. Blogging
      4. Posting with your Apple Device
      5. Instructions to Login and Navigate the Student Voice Blog on HWDSB Commons (PDF)

At the upcoming Director’s Student Voice Forums you will have an opportunity to express yourself, your way.

The Forums are dynamic open space experiences where topics will be pre-generated by nominated students by way of an individualized survey. By completing this survey, you will help to set the topics for conversation and exploration.

In this space, you do not have to stay at any given topic for the duration of the activity – you can use the “Law of two feet”: If you find yourself in a situation where you are not learning or contributing then you will be encouraged to move on to another topic you are passionate about contributing to.

To begin, you will start by gathering with other students around a topic that resonates with you – meaning that you are passionate about the topic or just really want to talk about it. You will add your thoughts to a graffiti wall and then stay to have some discussion about the topic to draw out your comment and give others a chance to talk about it as well. Conversations will be facilitated by one of your fellow students from the hosting school.


We listened to you!

We know that not every student likes to talk in an open forum and not every student Tweets or likes to blog. Some of you like to talk openly face-to-face, and some of you like to talk more privately with a microphone or video conferencing setup. Some of you share your thoughts and feeling through photography and some share with a blog. Some of you use Facebook and others Tweet. We are going to give you every possible opportunity to express yourself your way through dynamic, interactive experiences that honour student choice for expressing their voice.


 Ways to Participate

Whether you attend your cluster forum in person, or whether you participate from afar, every student in HWDSB will have an opportunity to express their voice and have their say.

  • In Person: Students have been nominated to attend the forums in person. If you have been nominated, please complete the form under the “Register” link and your personalized survey will be emailed to you.

We really want to encourage you to use whatever device you prefer or carry on your person (cellphone, smartphone, iPod Touch, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, etc.) to contribute. Your phones these day are powerful computers and you can contribute on Twitter and the blog using the Twitter and WordPress apps. Please download these apps before Forum day onto your particular device.

Twitter Logo

Twitter Apps
iOS (Apple Devices – iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad)
Android Devices



Wordpress LogoWordPress Apps
iOS (Apple Devices – iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad)
Android Devices

Posting with your Apple Device
How to post to the Director’s Forum blog from an iOS device.


  • Twitter: Follow and contribute to the Twitter conversation using the hashtag #HWDSBvoices – other hashtags will be generated on the day of the forums as well, i.e. #GREATschools

  • The Student Voice Blog:The Commons is our collaborative learning space (and the network that hosts this Student Voice blog). Participate here by clicking on topics and contributing your voice by replying OR create your own topics to start your own conversations.
  • Instructions to Login and Navigate The Student Voice Forum
  • Here, you can:
      • Comment to others by typing a reply to topics or starting your own topic
      • Comment by voice using VoiceThread
      • Draw and upload your vision of a great school
      • Film a video, upload to YouTube and embed here on the blog
      • Create a poster on Glogster and embed it here on the blog
      • If you can imagine it, you can express yourself in your way (please remember to link, embed, or otherwise add all material here on the blog so everyone can see it, comment on it, and otherwise appreciate your contribution to the conversation
      • Use your mobile device! How to post to the Director’s Forum blog from an iOS device.


29 thoughts on “How to Participate”

  1. we should be able to use technology in class at all times but only if we are responsible if not it can be confiscated and given back at the end of the day.

  2. Students should be able to choose they’re assignments from different choices of assignments and they should also get to choose how we are marked.

  3. kids should have art, music, and physical education every day because its fun and kids only get music and art twice a week we need more of these artistic classes and less of the subjects we have twice a day everyday.

  4. In my opinion I think that instead of listening to the teacher talk all day we should do more experiments and hands on activities

  5. What makes a good elementary school?
    ~To begin, gym every day would be great and get students excited for school! But sadly there is a lot of classes so its hard for that to happen. But with tech we should be allowed to bring our tech everyday not just one day of the year, we should start encouraging students to bring there tech. You may say that ”Well the kids will text in class” 1. Not all of us! Take advantage of the way we love our tech mix our ipods tablets Ipads etc etc and mix it with work! It makes it so much more fun and we want to do more work!!!! Take this into thinking, and lets hope it happens!

  6. what makes a good elementary school?
    i think what makes a good elementary school is the people and the resources that help you learn. Having encouragement and friendly people and fun ways to learn makes me want to go to school even more!!!!

  7. Every once in a while students should have 1 day for a break from what we are learning and do something so that we don’t get bored of the subject.

  8. students should have a longer break in between classes because we have tons of things to do and i don`t think 10 minutes is enough.

  9. We have many chances to participate and have fun in class. For example, we are working on many research projects that are fun, for example science projects, geography and etc.

  10. i think we should have more than just 40mins a day for activity’s because we are suppose to have at least 60mins a day of activity’s

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